AI (Artificial Intelligence) is no longer a faraway concept. Rather, AI-integrated products are in common use in various fields, and education is one noticeable mention. 

AI offers great assistance to teachers, students, parents… in both teaching and learning

AI offers great assistance to teachers, students, parents… in both teaching and learning. Below are 7 effective AI-integrated learning tools, which can be downloaded to your phone or computer, making them popular and convenient for various users.

Grading apps for teachers

Grading is one meticulous and taxing task for teachers, which requires them to be certain and fair. In order to make their job easier, professors could use a helping hand. And following are two trust-worthy tools, which save time and are extremely efficient.

  1. Gradescope

It’s an AI tool that helps professors save time by outsourcing the review and grading of assignments and actually have some time to teach. The app’s key features are that it can divide answers into groups and sort the right and the wrong ones, work for simple tasks as well as for complicated assignments, and keep grading fair and fast.

Gradescope has offered various free packages for worldwide educational institutions ever since its launch. For teachers who use the service, the subscription costs $3 to $5 dollars per student per course.

  1. Pearson Essay Assessment

Pearson is a tool that allows teachers to grade essays objectively and easily. The idea of the app is quite simple: a teacher adds a submission, and the app does the analysis of it. It could be also used by students as a way to proofread their assignments.

Pearson Essay Assessment

Pearson’s features include: evaluation of the ideological consistency of an essay; word choice and writing style assessment; spelling and grammar checks; feedback for every criteria (that’s something professors don’t always do).

Adaptive Learning

Some teachers have noticed that a kid learns more successfully during one-on-one lessons. That happens simply because a student gets a chance to move at his own pace, doing the tasks that will help him personally improve the skillset. However, in reality, a teacher lacks time to have a sit with everyone and discuss academical problems.

This problem can be solved with a tool that gives a kid the chance to get individualized education, and there’s quite a long list of finely-executed AI tools for adaptive learning.

  1. Knowji

At a first glance, Knowji seems nothing but a basic flashcard app. However, as you dive deeper, you see that Knowji has much more into it than you initially thought.

Knowji application for language learners

The app uses the principle of spaced repetition. Therefore, when there are words that student doesn’t know or remember, Knowji will track them down and suggests when it’s time to practice again.

The app is mostly used by language-learners. For them, the developers have created a possibility to record your own voice and compare the way you pronounce words to how a professional does it.

  1. Splashmath

The app is a dream for those who learn math. It has dozens of engaging tasks, personalized games and exercises. The list of features is impressive with a scratch pad for geometry drawings; easy real-time progress tracking, and enablement of different levels.

Enhancing the organizational process

Teaching requires a lot of discipline and fluent time-management skills. A good instructor is somewhat a juggler, handling dozens of tasks simultaneously. These AI-tools can lessen the various responsibilities.

  1. Content Technologies, Inc.

The tool helps teachers customize textbooks, create summaries to them, and prepare personalized study guides for every student. With very little effort, an educator can grasp the content, be flexible in teaching methods, and stay unique in how they teach.

The app generates comprehensive content that’s easy to read and memorize, and various foreign teachers use it to save time.

  1. Hubert.AI

Thinking about the students’ opinions on them can give teachers quite a headache, while managing and motivating students are crucial parts to being a teacher. Sure, no kids will tell the naked truth in direct conversation. But if they chat with a bot, the situation might turn out differently.

Hubert.AI’s chatbot helps teachers know their students better

Hubert.AI, is born so that students can freely tell what’s on their minds. And all teachers have to do is upload the emails of their students. Hubert.AI will do the rest. Kids will chat with a bot, which will provide a professor with feedback on his or her classes.

Global Learning

The learning process is not limited to small groups, but rather worldwide. With AI-presence, global learning has become an easy way for people to share their distinctive studying methods and practices.

Oddizzi application for global learning
  1. Oddizzi

The app gives kids a chance to learn geography in a fun way. With the use of technology and AI-algorithms, they can take a peek at different places in the world. Also, the app offers personalized tasks and quizzes so the kid can track his individual progress. By using the ClassPals feature, students can exchange knowledge with classrooms all over the world.

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