FPT IS had recently signed to provide the “hospital management software FPT.eHospital 2.0” for Hai Duong Hospital of Traditional medicine. According to plan, the project will be deployed in 3 months, and software will manage administration operations for the hospital for 3 years.

Hai Duong Hospital of Tradition medicine is the first hospital in Hai Duong to apply the hospital management software FPT.eHospital 2.0, built and developed by FPT IS’s Department of e-Government and Healthcare.

After successfully deployed, the software will assist management of various operations in the hospital, from accepting patients to dischargement, with major functions being: Management of patient information; Accepting patients; Outpatient and inpatient treatment; Emergency management; Delegation and execution of subclinical services; Connection to testers and diagnostic imaging; Recording surgery and operation results; Payment of hospital fees and health insurance; Nutrient management; Connecting to healh insurance gateway.

Hai Duong Hospital of Traditional medicine has 245 beds and 17 departments, and with FPT.eHospital 2.0, it will obtain a comprehensive management system with various functions, thus contributing to the treatment and diagnosis quality, as well as patient care.

Deployment of FPT.eHospital over various clinical environments across the nations had proven the benefits of utilizing technology in healthcare management, at the same time showing FPT IS’s deployment ability in the field.

FPT.eHospital had been built by FPT since 2000. Over 20 years of building and development, it has now become a comprehensive solution that includes all functions of a hospital, intergrated with external systems like PACS (picture archiving and communication system), LIS (laboratory information management system), bar code, smart card, RFID, Biometric, ERP system…

The system is built based on the combination of automation of task procedures and information throughout all operation fields like: treatment management, administration and office management, testing management, management of image archiving, transferring and connecting to patients, comprehensive reporting to administration…

With FPT.eHospital 2.0+, total time to register for a health check-up is reduced to only around 1 minute, a considerable reduction from the 4 minutes it would take without the software.

Similar results also occur in filling prescriptions. Particularly with the drug sampling and name system and patients’ electronic medical record, doctors can fill prescriptions in only 2 minutes, in contrast to 5 minutes should there be no software.

Thanks to this, total time for hospital fees payment is 1.5 times faster than before, with improved accuracy, from 5 minutes every patient to 2 minutes each. FPT.eHospital 2.0 also improves the hospital resourcing usage by 2-3 times.

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Source FPT Information System

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