Having embraced AI technology as the group’s flagship strategy, for the past 6 years, FPT has been focusing on investing and developing this field, with FPT.AI being one of the major products.

Almost 2 years after its introduction, FPT.AI has come a long way from the once developer-only platform with natural language interactions and integration of smart devices and chat applications (like Facebook Messenger and other intra-business messaging platforms), into becoming a comprehensive AI solution for businesses.  The birth of the comprehensive AI platform FPT.AI on FPT TechDay 2018 had marked it as the first platform that offers full AI business solutions in the 4.0 age. The platform first started with 16.000 registrations in September 2018, and had amounted up to 27.000 users in July 2019 with 36 million requests, including 3 million ones for over 4000 new bot applications and 33 million text-to-voice and image-to-text requests. One user of FPT.AI’s chatbot – FPT Shop, had successfully utilized this tool in customer counselling and customer service, thus reduced the total amount of work in this realm by 60%. In fact, a text-to-voice call center system of FPT.AI can carry out 750.000 calls per month, 15.000 being simultaneous, on an average length of 2 minutes, equivalent to the work of 500 call agents.

FPT.AI website display

In its constant path to quality improvement and optimal customer experience, on July 11, FPT.AI had officially introduced an integrated platform for product and service management – FPT.AI Console (https://console.fpt.ai). While the respective 2017 and 2018 FPT.AI platforms still include 2 separate displays for the chatbot builer (https://bot.fpt.ai) and other services (https://dev.openfpt.vn), FPT.AI Console will integrate them both, merging all services, applications and APIs at (https://console.fpt.ai). In this display, you only need a one-time registration and log in in order to use all of FPT.AI’s resources.

FPT.AI’s users will have their respective FPT IDs to use all of FPT.AI’s current features, and possibly future ones as well.

With FPT.AI Console, users can set up one or multiple projects according to specific usages, then choose one or multiple suitable APIs for those. It also allows users to manage and access all project data, as well as analyze them for overall efficiency evaluation and suitable adjustments (these data can include total number of requests, wrong numbers, average call latency, and so on). As a result, users can easily manage their resources, control budgets for each API, as well as track the budget use.

Statistical chart for major configurations of each service/API

Mr. Le Hong Viet, Head of FPT.AI product, FPT CTO had shared: “The introduction of FPT.AI Console is just a step in our path to systematize FPT’AI’s products. With it, we aim to help users to have an easy experience in managing all of our products, regardless of their tasks and roles.” He had also highlighted the continual effort of the scientists and engineers at FPT Technology Innovation Department, who always seek to understand the market, as well as develop new features to meet its ever-changing demand. He also hoped that FPT.AI can help businesses in their route to optimization of operations and automation with its outstanding AI capabilities.

Dieu Huong

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