In three days from April 25 to 28, FPT.AI participated in Global Digital Transformation Conference held in Ha Long. The event brings together CIOs and senior leaders from over 50 major corporations around the world to attend and discuss their own digital transformation journey. At the event, the comprehensive artificial intelligence platform FPT.AI has impressed many attendees.

For the first time held in Vietnam, Global DX Conference included a lot of sharing from consultants of digital transformation parts of networking and workshops on a range of topics from barriers to digital transformation to availability of organizations.

Nearly 100 senior leaders, technology experts from billion-dollar organizations and businesses from the US, Europe, Japan and Asia-Pacific such as Palantir, Siemens PPAL, Grab, CapitaLand, Singapore airlines, Schneider, Hitachi, Toshiba… attended this event.

On April 26, the main workshop took place with two sessions. In the morning, FPT and other big technology firms like Grab and Palantir shared their solutions and experience of digital transformation. Along with that is the high academic presentation of technologies that will effectively support organizations that want to implement digital transformation such as AI; Big Data; Cloud… The afternoon session is a discussion between groups about problems in the digital transformation process and how to solve them.

The highlight of the workshop was the sharing of Mr. Phuong Tram – FPT’s digital transformation consultant on the digital transformation experience for Dupont Group. Besides is the presentation of Mr. Barrer Brown, Director of Asia-Pacific region of Palantir technology company; Mr. Nikhil Dwarakanath, Grab’s Head of Data Analysis; Prof. Ho Tu Bao…

In addition to the discussion, attendees also experience the latest products developed by FPT to serve the digital transformation for businesses such as FPT.AI; Akaminds; Akachance; Cyradar…

At the Global DX Summit 2019, FPT.AI provides an artificial intelligence platform consisting of four modules: the conversation platform (FPT.AI Conversation) – the most popular application is chatbot; voice recognition and processing services (FPT.AI Speech); image and document processing (FPT.AI Vision) and knowledge base system (FPT.AI Knowledge)

In 2013, FPT invested in AI-based research and development activities and launched the first comprehensive artificial intelligence platform in Vietnam in 2017. FPT.AI was researched and developed by FPT Technology Innovation Department and a team of experienced scientists, experts, doctors, and engineers graduated from prestigious universities such as Cambridge University, University of Versailles, Pusan ​​National University, University Stuttgart, Nanyang Technological University… So far FPT.AI has become a comprehensive artificial intelligence platform that helps optimize business operations and create new values.

Currently, FPT.AI receives 3.4 million requests per month. There are 7,720 programmers developing applications on this platform and nearly 155,000 hours of voice have been used by FPT.AI partners. Automated switchboard system with FPT.AI’s text-to-speech technology has made more than 750,000 calls per month, able to simultaneously implement 15,000 calls at peak hours, equivalent to the working capacity of 500 operators. FPT ID identification technology has an accuracy of up to 95%. Or at FPT Retail Company (owning FPT Shop system), chatbot supports up to 70% of interaction with customers. FPT.AI has brought direct benefits to dozens of businesses, organizations and millions of Vietnamese people.

The Global DX Summit 2019 is a great opportunity for leading companies to innovate to gain a deeper understanding of industry pioneers while engaging in meaningful conversations, helping them arouse creative ideas.

Nhu Lac

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