FPT attracts technology experts with big problems


At FPT Tech Experts 2018 which has just taken place in Hanoi, the majority of technology experts said that being involved in projects affecting millions of people, applying the latest technologies, or projects worth tens of millions of US dollars, are the elements of an ideal working environment.

Contributing to life changes of millions of people

Graduating from National Economics University in major of Business Economics, Ms. Bui Thi Nhu Quynh shared that she was always keen on carrying out big technology projects which can make the lives of millions of people more convenient. This is also the reason why she devoted all her youth to stick with FPT. During 12 years working at FPT, she has been involved in a number of million-person projects such as tax, treasury, etc. In particular, the concentrated Tax Management System project (TMS) has helped over 52 million people and businesses pay taxes more conveniently, of which 99% of businesses in Vietnam have implemented electronic tax filing and more than 90% of businesses registered to pay electronic taxes. Therefore, the number of hours spent on paying taxes in Vietnam has decreased dramatically from 537 hours a year to 117 hours a year.

Ms. Bui Thi Nhu Quynh received the Certificate of Merit at the Ceremony of Honoring for Technological staffs of FPT Corporation in 2018.

With the same view with Ms. Quynh, Ms. Nguyen Hong Van has been attached to FPT for more than 10 years. Ms. Van said that what keeping her there is to test in the large national projects. With her experience in implementing successfully the Personal Income Tax Management Project in Vietnam, Ms. Van has been entrusted with the task of research and business consultancy to build the Integrated Tax Management System and VAT System in Bangladesh, which modernizing Bangladesh. The project has national influence with millions of people and Bangladeshi enterprises that use the system. Thanks to technological solutions of the FPT experts, Bangladeshi taxpayers instead of queuing for many hours to wait for giving codes, now only need to operate on the computer in 10 minutes. With Bangladeshi Tax Authorities, the system not only helps reduce paperwork but also improves the transparency in data management and collation. Moreover, departments – boards – sectors can require Tax Authorities to synthesize and make in advance the reports they previously needed many weeks to compile the data.

Ms. Nguyen Hong Van received the Certificate of Merit at the Ceremony of Honoring for Technological staffs of FPT Corporation in 2018.

A person who has experienced many important positions in many domestic and foreign technology groups as Mr. Phan Thanh Son, FPT IS’s Chief Technology Officer, said that: “Being involved in the major tasks of the industry, of the nation, of the society is a thing that those who have spent more than a half of life like me are looking forward to participating but it is not easy to find. Thanks to technology projects at FPT, we have been companying and contributing to society. Thanks to that, I feel that I am “living BIG”, living meaningfully”.

Upgrade yourself with new technology projects

In addition to being involved in the development and implement of large projects that have the potential to affect millions of people, another factor attracting technology experts in FPT is that they are involved in the research and application of the latest technology solutions of the 4.0 revolution. FPT is now a leading brand of Vietnam in software export, pioneering in the research and development of new technologies, along with leading corporations in the world such as General Electric, Siemens, Amazon, Airbus, etc. to create the most advanced digital technology platforms of the 4.0 technology revolution. Technology experts in FPT are involved in a number of new technology application projects such as building the Artificial Intelligence platform FPT.AI, self-propelled vehicles, smart home solutions, intelligent factories, e-government, intelligent transportation, etc.

Continuing being involved in new technology projects helps FPT technology experts upgrade themselves.

In particular, FPT is ready to deliver new technology projects for young technology staffs to facilitate their development. For example, the case of Mr. Le Ngoc Tuan. In 2012, Mr. Tuan who just turned 26 years old came to FPT after failing his very first startup project. With love and passion for new technologies, Mr. Le Ngoc Tuan has been assigned by FPT to carry out an important mobile project – hosting the operating system platform for FPT phones and automatic warranty applications. Soon after, when the wave of IoT technology is beginning to develop in the world and is predicted to be the future technology, FPT has quickly approached and promoted research. Although young, with a passion for the technology, Mr. Tuan has been selected as the Manager of IoT Product Development Department, in charge of a dozen new and difficult technology projects related to the automation and IoT such as developing the Robot programming platform communicating via voice; Rogo product – the home robot and Rogo Alfa – the central control device for intelligent houses, F-Plus – the two – dimensional device searching objects, the intelligent lighting system, etc.  Mr. Tuan shared that he had grown up a lot from each new technology project in FPT. And also from the cradle of FPT, Mr. Tuan has become one of the most famous experts of the IoT community in Vietnam.

In the revolution of 4.0, FPT is oriented to become the leading corporation in the digital converter. In that strategy, FPT’s Chairman of the Board, Truong Gia Binh, said that FPT would build a community to connect Vietnamese technology talents so that everyone can participate in the digital converting process to solve big problems together and bring more values to the society.

During the 30 years of founding, FPT has been continuously a pioneer in the field of Information Technology – Telecommunication. Up to now, FPT has had over 33 million employees, including more than 15 million technology engineers. Based on criteria such as technical proficiency, contribution to the company and the community, etc. FPT will review the profile and interview to select the best technical staff, celebrating at the corporation level. This is the annual activity of FPT since 2013 to gratify the technology staffs who have made great performance and contributions to the Corporation. After 6 years, FPT has had 180 senior technology staffs honored. In addition to the remuneration of incentives and facilitation to attend major technology events around the world, corporation-leveled technology staffs will continue to experience and participate in the latest technology fields, key projects with the large-scale and influence on the society.

Bich Hai

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