At this year’s Symposium on Information and Communication Technology – SoICT Day 2019, FPT had brought two of its highlight technologies, including the self-driving car and FPT.AI Vision – a private paper identification technology.

The first day of the event (December 4) started from 8 a.m. at B1 Building, Hanoi University of Science and Technology, with two major parts of Techtalk and Techshow.

Techshow is a large exhibition that showcases various research ideas and scientific and technology products from businesses as well as talented students. Here, FPT had brought the self-driving car and FPT.AI Vision – a private paper identification technology. You can find FPT’s booth at quite the golden location – opposite from the main hall where the conference is hosted.

Car prototypes of Digital Race displayed at the event.
Various attendants and students at the exhibition.

Meanwhile, Techtalk is a forum for businesses to share practical solutions on technological science, and personalized digital transformation methods for different companies. Here, Mr. Le Ngoc Tuan (Head of IoT, FPT Technology Innovation) will represent FPT Group as a guest speaker. His talk will start at 13:50, and will discuss “The Age of AI, Robot, and examples on the digital race in Vietnam”. He will also share about how students can research and build self-driving cars by themselves using AI technology.

Mr. Le Ngoc Tuan (Head of IoT, FPT Technology Innovation).

Through his speech, Mr. Tuan hopes to motivate students and boost their confidence in researching. He also expressed that: “Coming to SoICT 2019, I want to affirm that Vietnam and its students are of little lacking compares to our international counterparts in technological research.”

Other representatives from leading firms like Viettel, Sapo, Tiki, Misa… will also speak at this year’s technology forum.

FPT also do recruitment consultant and orientation throughout the event, an activity specialized for students. With a FPT internship, students will receive salary, training, and guidance from mentors, along with the chance to become official employees at FPT. FPT also attended last year’s SoICT.

FPT recruitment booth.

SoICT is an annual international conference on Information and Communication Technology (ICT), and was first hosted in 2009. SoICT therefore shall be a special event to commemorate 10 years of SoICT, hosted by the Information and Communication Technology Institute, Hanoi University of Science and Technology.

The event had attracted various leading businesses in technology, companies that express their interest in applying technology in their business management model, as well as students who are into IT. And at SoICT Day 2019 along with FPT are renowned names like Viettel, Tiki, VNG, VCCorp, Dasan, Misa…

The event will hosted in 3 days, from December 4 to December 6 at Hanoi and Ha Long (Quang Ninh District), and will focus on 4 major technology fields that are garner much attention today, including: AI and Big Data analysis, Information network and Media system, Human – Computer platform, Software technology and Applied computing. There will be 4 keynote speakers, who are leading tech experts in their respective fields, from Vietnam, America, Australia, and South Korea.

Readers who are interested can get more information HERE.

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