FPT – CANSimulator enhances FPT’s capacity in CAN/LIN and ECU development to help customers trust FPT more. The product applies many modern technologies, helping to save investment costs for testing equipment for FPT Global Automotive (FPT Software).

FPT Global Automotive is building and developing embedded software in the automotive field. Electronic control devices (ECUs) often communicate with each other using the popular CAN standard from Vector. However, the cost of this device is very high, about $ 30,000 (a set of hardware and software). FPT Global Automotive has always been in the shortage of this device, affecting its efficiency and quality. Since then, Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh (FPT Software) and his partners have proposed making FPT – CANSimulator products to reduce equipment investment costs for the unit.

CAN Simulator is a tool used in testing CAN/LIN communication in Automotive. CAN Simulator has the ability to create CAN/LIN data to transmit to ECUs (Electronic Control Unit) depending on the tester’s scenario, which can be used to analyze CAN/LIN data on the network.

CAN Simulator can run in two modes:

  • Online: is the mode that requires Fprobe hardware (developed by FPT) to connect to ECU to perform simulate CAN/LIN data on real CAN/LIN bus,
  • Offline: is a mode to reproduce the simulate process, which helps analyze the data after running on the real bus.

CAN Simulator supports many tools to analyze and interact with CAN/LIN data such as: Trace (CAN message/signal analysis by data/text), Graphic (CAN Signal analysis in wave form), Statictics (bus statistics ), Panel (analyzes and interacts CAN Signal with common types of widgets)

CAN Simulator supports C ++ Scripting, which helps users describe ECU’s behavior with source code, giving them greater flexibility in simulation.

Features being finalized in 2019: Diagnostic (compatible with ISO 15765-2,3,4 and ISO 14229-1,2), Measurement & Calibration (compatible with ASAM standards: A2L, M2CD, …). These are advanced features that are applied to many ECUs in Automotive field today.

FPT – CANSimulator is integrated with technologies such as: FPGA CANFD, LIN controller IP core: an IP core developed by the team fully compatible with ISO 11898-1.2 (2015 Edition). And compatible with Diagnostics (OBDII, UDS), Measurement & Calibration standards in Automotive.

In 2018, the creation of FPT – CANSimulator reduced equipment procurement costs for Dev and Test embedded software in Automotive field by up to 28,000 USD, Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh (FGA.Z7) from FPT Software has exported Golden won the prize iKhien 5.

FPT Chairman Truong Gia Binh presented the Gold Prize to Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh, author of FPT – CANSimulator.

FPT – CANSimulator enhances FPT’s capacity in CAN/LIN and ECU development to help customers trust FPT more. The product aims to save investment costs on testing equipment for FPT Global Automotive (FPT Software). The project team also said that the product would be commercialized, contributing to revenue for the company. Currently, FPT Software is implementing sales/marketing of this product to customers in the field of Automotive, has given it to customers to try, and there are some customers who are going to buy such as: Denso, Toshiba Solution, Marquardt,…

Nguyen Van Thanh – FPT Software

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