FPT has recently signed to become the digital transformation consultant to DPDgroup, the company with the 2nd largest express system in Europe. This contract speaks volumes of FPT’s capability and stand, as well as its aim to become the top 50 global digital transformation provider.

FPT has recently signed to become the digital transformation consultant to DPDgroup, the company with the 2nd largest express system in Europe.

Following FPT Digital Kaizen’s methodology of “Think big – Do smart – Grow fast”, FPT is going to carry out throughout surveys and researches on DPDgroup’s current IT system, as well as consult and design the digital platform IT4EM2 for further improvements in DPDgroup’s business operations at 12 European nations. Specially, FPT shall also participate in analyzing DPDgroup massive database, all to build a data structure for the enabling of smooth data-based operations for the company.

DPDgroup usually generates over 7 billion EUR in revenue, and is a unit under La Poste – a company in Fortune Global 500. FPT’s digital platform IT4EM2 is expected to help DPDgroup increase operation efficiency, optimize delivery time, as well as improve user experience, thus keeping its stand as one of the leading express firms in Europe, as well as globally.

The Added Value Chain in IT services includes: consulting, designing, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance, with consulting being the top procedure, and is normally the ground to the well-known firms like IBM, Accenture, Tata, Inforsys…

Speaking about the firm’s decision to choose FPT, Mr. Paul-Marie Chavanne, the Chairman of GeoPost – parent to DPDgroup had shared: “To cater to our demand of quick change and constant innovation, we need reliable technology partners, and I believe and expect that of FPT. FPT is our special partner that can help us reach future breakthroughs.”

Mr. Truong Gia Binh, Chairman of FPT had also shared: “This is an important contract which affirms the customer’s faith in FPT regarding our professional capability in logistics, technology, deployment ability, as well as our digital transformation methodology. It shall open the door to new opportunities in digital transformation consulting for FPT, helping us reach our aim to become a top 50 digital transformation provider in the next 10 years.”

FPT’s collaboration with GeoPost started in 2018, with several projects in logistics consultant, service structure building (building task-oriented/procedure-oriented features as operation services in network environment, that are sharable and reusable), data gathering and analysis…

After the signing ceremony, officials from La Poste, GeoPost, DPDGroup, as well as from several of their units had joined a profession seminar on digital transformation in logistics and digital banking hosted by FPT. These are to provide them with comprehensive knowledge on FPT’s technological ability in the aforementioned fields, by using the firm’s prevalent deployed technology solutions.

In catching up with the worldwide digital transformation trend, Europe is rushing to change. In particular, IDC has predicted Europe to the 3rd market in investments on digital transformation, with total pay estimations amounting up to 378 billion USD in 2022. FPT also estimates the Group’s revenue in the market to reach an annual growth of 30% in the upcoming years, especially in digital transformation. FPT had also recently signed a 5-year provision contract with Europe’s leading energy group RWE, regarding new technology solutions including IoT, mobile solutions, and automation using robots. It will also consult, develop, and maintain SAP-based systems and applications for the firm.

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