The global technology landscape has been changing rapidly with the explosion of technologies such as AI, Blockchain, and IoT. Artificial intelligence has been attracting the most amount of investment from both corporate and venture capitalist, where blockchain is bringing new use cases for all aspects of life. IoT has made great progress when the world is transforming to digital much faster.

A look back at 2017

FPT – the leading ICT corporation of Vietnam, from its strategy, has defined Digital Transformation as the strategic technology investment. 2017 – a banner year in the process of becoming the Global digital technology company, FPT made prosreous initial strides:

  • Digital Transformation in FPT: Our collaboration system was completely modernized and moved into the Cloud, with social enterprise communication is dominating in all channels. AI and Big Data were used to support management helping us to predict churn in customer and human resource management. Optimization was also employed to help our operation in logistics and infrastructure development be more efficient.
    FPT Technology experts and leaders at FPT Tech Experts 2017.
  • Transforming FPT’s current products and solution: New version of eHospital solution is an example of the effort to renovate current products. It brings in new business models, new technologies such as AI, Big Data and IoT to hospitals.
  • Enhancing customer experience and engagement: Personalization and recommendation are still two major focuses and being penetrated in our products from content to products recommendation. Contents and services will also be tailored for each end-user by highly personalized systems at VN Express, FPTplay, FPTshop, which helped personalize customer’s experience quickly and amelionrate customer buying behaviors.
  • Start-up investment to seek for new business models: 2017 shows a great start for investment when CyRadar has been venture built from a research team inside FPT. Besides, FPT also extended its portfolio to 19 companies via VIISA program.
  • Building an innovative ecosystem: Partnership programs were very successful in 2017 with tight collaboration between FPT and GE – in developing Internet industry on the GE Predix platform, with SIEMENS – in joining forces to push forward the Expansion in MindSphere. Especially, FPT achieved the highest tier of the partnership such as AWS Premier Consulting Partner with Amazon.

The key challenges with digital transformation are that there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution or a recipe for success. But, by accelerating current activities and at the same time opening new investments, FPT aims to become a pioneer in Digital Transformation not only in Vietnam but worldwide.

A network of collaboration with universities in R&D also been strengthened, with the industrial doctorate education program and The Digital Race, have been spread out inside the academic community. These programs have contributed to solving high-level human resources problem for Vietnamese information technology.

On the foundation, effective R&D activities are extending its impacts to various products and customers as well as helping to build new capabilities and showcases. R&D focuses on three main objectives which are creating new products, building new capabilities and exploring new knowledge.

In 2017, the most critical product was launched, which is FPT.AI aiming to be a comprehensive platform for enabling Artificial Intelligence in digital businesses. FPT.AI provides the foundation for building Chatbot and Text-to-Speech with multiple application on viral marketing and automatic call centers. Up to now, there have been more than 7.5 million requests to the platform with more than 4000 developers registered.

The year 2017 is also a big year for exploring academic knowledge, with the number of papers published in international journals was almost triple from 13 papers in 2016 to 36 papers in 2017. Researchers from FPT also conducted multiple workshop presentations at important events such as IEEE and ACM workshops.

FPT has also put numerous effort in building communities for the developers with multiple events and co-events, a channel of communication internally and to externally for developers via FPT Techday, Vietnam AI Hackathon, Code Fights… The TechInsight journal is also playing an important part in enhancing the communication with the external community where our knowledge and expertise are shared with the community.

Direction for 2018

In 2018, existing activities will be continued to be pushed forward with more investment and faster speed. Furthermore, new directions will be focused.

Tranforming products and applications to business platforms

The emerging of platform business models is proving their efficiency which can be assessed from two different angles. The models help to connect supply and demands and eliminate overheads, which is the key business models that would need to be trial. FPT owns a variety of infrastructure and popular applications that can be transformed into platforms, on top of which the developer community can innovate and build new applications.

Key consumer products such as VnExpress and FPT Play would come much more powerful if they could be successfully transformed into a business platform. FPT.AI with its initial success will receive more investment and resources in order to become a global contender in Artificial Intelligence which will help to drive AI into every aspect of a business. New capabilities such as Computer vision will be debuted that focuses on supporting Cognitive Robotic Process Automation, Speech-To-Text engine is becoming more mature and will be ready for enabling Intelligent Call Centers. More platforms are expected to be developed and successfully promoted to developer community such as IoT and EdTech.

Focusing on two new verticals Smart manufacturing and Automotive

With Smart Manufacturing, FPT is going to strengthen capability by establishing relationships with major partners in the industry such as Siemens, Amazon Web Services (AWS), General Electric (GE), emphasizing on improving the quality of technology experts to deploy services based on partner’s technology platform. In particular, building a group of experts in the field of product lifecycle management (PLM) and manufacturing execution systems (MES) as well as a group of data analysis scientists and experts with GE Predix certification.

Future of automotive innovation will hinge on 03 major technologies: automation, connectivity and electric power. While these transitional changes take place, the auto market is expected to jump from $3.5 trillion (2015) to $6.7 trillion (2030) in total size. 90% of the innovations in a car lays in the software, this is the opportunity for technology companies as FPT. Therefore, Autonomous driving will be, again, receiving high priority of investments to create an autonomous car that can reach level 4 of autonomous. From that, FPT will benefit from the IPs and know-how from the investment.

                  About the author:

Le Hong Viet – Chief Technology Officer

and President of FPT Technology Council


As a technology pioneer, Mr. Le Hong Viet has built a powerful foundation for researching and developing new services and products and applying the latest technology to improve business process for FPT. He plays the vital role in designing and facilitating a creative working environment, which offers constructive support and resources for technical experts. His vision is to enhance FPT technology capability; bring good surprise to align with customer values and create FPT’s technology eco-system.

(Published on the FPT Technology Magazine, FPT TechInsight No.2)

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