On the upcoming 14-16 July, the World Engineering, Science and Technology Congress (ESTCON 2020) will be co-hosted by FPT Education in Kuching, Malaysia. There will be 9 smaller conferences on different fields, including ICMeSH; ICCOINS; ICFAS…

ESTCON is a biennial congress, hosted by the Teknologi University, Petronas, Malaysia. From 2010, the Congress is to be held for the 6th time, attracting interest and attendance from over 1,500 representatives and 3,000 visitors around the world.

This year’s topic is “Science, Technology, and Humanities: Reinventing the Future”, which include various fields in innovation, technology, as well as humanities, all focusing on solving prevalent trends and challenges during the 4.0 tech revolution.

9 conferences that comprise the Congress includes:

  • ICCOINS 2020: International Conference on Computer & Information Sciences
  • ICFAS 2020: International Conference on Fundamental & Applied Sciences
  • ICCOEE2020: International Conference on Civil, Offshore & Environmental Engineering
  • ICPEAM2020: International Conference on Process Engineering & Advanced Materials
  • ICPER2020: International Conference on Production, Energy and Reliability
  • ICMeSH2020: International Conference on Management, Social Sciences and Humanities
  • ICOGET2020: International Conference on Oil & Gas Engineering and Technology
  • ICER2020: International Conference on Earth Resources
  • ICIAS2020: International Conference on Intelligent & Advanced System.

Among those, ICCOINS 2020 is one conference that attracts plenty of interest due to it being an opportunity for researchers and experts to share about information processing, computing techniques, as well as the 4.0 “pillars” like Internet of Things, Big Data analysis, physical networks, and cloud computing.

The conference will also be a focus of professors and students at FPT Education, for FPT Education is one pioneer schools in HR training for IT. Due to this leading edge, teachers and students will have access to various papers and researches in joining ESTCON 2020.

For more information on ESTCON 2020, please visit the official website HERE.

Since early 2020, FPT Education has been pushing research operations for all parties in the organization. Recently, FPT Education had also collaborated with Hong Kong Chemical, Biological & Environmental Engineering Society in organizing the 5th International Conference on Intelligent Information Technology (ICIIT 2020).

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