In the growing trend of information technology as well as electronic transactions today, the deployment of electronic invoices will contribute to minimizing paperwork, creating convenience for taxpayers, as well as meet the need for digital transformation for business organizations. Recognizing these benefits, FPT Information System (FPT IS) has launched the electronic invoice solution FPT.eInvoice.

Overview of FPT.eInvoice electronic invoice

FPT.eInvoice is the only product that won the Sao Khue award 2019 in the Electronic Payment category.

Electronic Invoices FPT.eInvoice gives businesses solutions to set up and manage invoices with electronic forms, on onCloud computing platform or customers’ IT infrastructure platform – onPrem.

FPT.einvoice onCloud is suitable for businesses whose monthly invoices are not too large. And FPT.eInvoice onPrem is a software suitable for businesses that need to manage hardware and server infrastructure, enterprises will own electronic invoice software permanently.

Effective, economical and professional

From the experience of implementing the tax information technology projects in the past 25 years, FPT IS built products support enterprises in the invoice solution, FPT.eInvoice, possessing all the features of the electricity bill following standardized tax regulations, ensuring the smooth and timely reporting of transactions, and modernizing the accounting and cost savings.

  • Invoices are created on software, approved by secure digital signatures and sent to Enterprise customers with accurate information, avoiding errors.
  • The functions of the system, invoice forms, … can be easily configured to suit the organizational and professional model according to each domain of the enterprise.
  • Invoices can be issued in large, fast batches with various forms of signing, especially with FPT CA onCloud.
  • Invoices are sent to customers via electronic form, by email, portal, quick time in seconds, saving sending costs.
  • Easy electronic lookup with portal lookup code and 10-year free storage on FPT IS’s onCloud infrastructure, ensuring authenticity and avoiding misplacement.
  • With FPT.eInvoice, management, statistics, invoice finding are simplified, especially convenient for tax finalization, accounting, data comparison and inspection by managing tax units.

Moreover, FPT.eInvoice software system is user-friendly with an intuitive interface, easy to use, managed by portfolio, online and offline storage support, especially, invoice form for businesses are available. FPT.eInvoice constantly updates and upgrades the software version according to the needs of businesses, trends and changes, regulations of tax authorities … with high connectivity, high expansion, availability of connection with the authentication invoice of the tax authority.

The deployment of electronic invoices will help businesses save costs and time than using paper invoices. The management of bills is streamlined and effective, thereby increasing resources for research, development and quality improvement to better serve customers.

In addition, the use of electronic invoices will increase the safety of invoices because it can be copied into multiple copies, avoiding the risks, lost or damaged invoices; If lost, you can request a reissue of the invoice. At the same time, limiting and preventing fraudulent invoices, protecting the reputation and brand of businesses.

Race to the mass market

The onCloud version of the electronic invoice service FPT.eInvoice was launched, showing that FPT Electronic Service Center is ready to “engage” in the mass market in the coming time.

Mr. Le Thanh Bac, Director of FPT Electronic Service Center, who has cherished and devoted much to FPT.eInvoice, shared about potential business market including: more than 600 thousand enterprises, 13 billion applications/year. In the context of the entire invoice electronicization according to the policy of the General Department of Taxation in the next 11/2020, the market for electronic invoices will be extended many times. He stressed that inheriting the experience with 25 years of co-operation with the public services of Tax and Finance, FPT.eInvoice is also a product that FPT IS completely owns the technology: with FPT IS Cloud infrastructure and the platform FPT.xPlat developed by FPT IS ISS with flexible system scalability, increasing resources to meet the number of users. Electronic invoice service provides comprehensive and smart electronic invoice solution that perfectly integrates with FPT.CA Cloud digital signature as well as integrating FPT.AI chatBot in customer care and user support.

The race to the mass market will not be easy, with an early step of FPT.eInvoice onCloud. However, we have core foundations, technology, a technically proficient technical team and a comprehensive solution. Together, we will be able to do it.”, Chairman of Member Board of FPT IS, Mr. Duong Dung Trieu shared.

Sales policy

Engaging in the mass market, harmonizing with the philosophy and objectives “Every citizen will experience at least 01 FPT product“, Mr. Le Thanh Bac has boldly launched new business models to promote distribution and sale of products such as: Agents, collaborators, self-employed, FPT IS salesmen Made by FIS, …. at the same time, build and complete the deployment process, support operations, solve all problems of customers 24/7, quickly and promptly.

In the context of fierce price competition, FPT.eInvoice provides a variety of billing packages for all business models, from businesses that are using manual invoices, and enterprises with simple accounting software. or complicated, other internal management software such as sales, CRM, ERP … for only 300 VND/invoice.

All details as well as advice, trial of products and procedures are available on the website:, facebook channel, youtube and 2 hotlines 19006625 or 0919626829.

In the spirit of developing together, the Electronic Service Center now shares with all members of FPT IS the opportunity to receive commissions with the new “Sell flowers, receive money immediately“. For each contract successfully signed from personal/business information that FPT IS staff introduced to FPT Electronic Service Center, the staff will immediately receive 15% of the contract value, at least VND 500 000.

With superiority and professionalism, FPT IS products have been trusted by over 70,000 businesses for tax declaration and customs, using FPTCA digital signature services. In particular, FPT IS is currently the largest partner, the oldest Ministry of Finance, the General Department of Taxation, the State Treasury and the General Department of Customs with nearly 25 years of attachment, accompanying the Finance industry. In the field of invoices for the General Department of Taxation, FPT IS is also honored to deploy the Print Management System (Invoice) and Invoice Authentication system. FPT IS has received many awards such as eAsia Awards 2013 eCommerce Awards for the project of Building and implementing electronic customs clearance system for Vietnam Customs (E-Customs); Sao Khue Award 2012 Typical service category for FPT-CA digital signature authentication service; Sao Khue 2019 for FPT.eInvoice onCloud product with Electronic Payment, …

Phuong Thao

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