FPT.Fortuna is a data processing and integration platform, that brings forth the benefits of: Support in storing clusterings; Ensure the flexibility through changes of data storing platforms (Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL…); Expand features and add reports; Maximum support in data input for quicker, easier, and more accurate operations.

From an idea…

FPT.Fortuna is the creative love child of Pham Minh Tuan and My Duy Long (Governmental – Medical Solutions Department, FPT IS). This data processing and integration platform is not only remarkable from its success in getting 2 million USD from its project with Ho Chi Minh City authorities, but also from its ability to solve the problem of data integration for end customers.

However, the path to attain today’s fruits is riddled with difficulties, from researching and product development, to being doubted about the possibility of the product.

Having joined FPT IS in early 2014, Mr. Tuan and Mr. Long started to work together in a 4-people project with Ho Chi Minh City authorities from December 2014. Then, Mr. Pham Minh Tuan was the project leader and tech expert, while Mr. My Duy Long was head in charge of technical. The problem was to solve issues regarding database integration and processing. At the time, there were limited data processing tools available for end customers that are specialized in technology, instead of the major public with basic knowledge.

Mr. Pham Minh Tuan (FPT IS).

The two was quick to realize the potential of such market, and started to exchange and researched on building a tool that solves these very demands. However, they were faced with confusion and doubts from colleagues, and even their contracted customer at the time – Ho Chi Minh City – was unsettled.

Fortunately, the project idea had attracted Mr. Nguyen Hoang Minh – CEO of FPT IS. In the management meeting, FPT.Fortuna, then nothing but a draft, had got the attention of the CEO, and deemed marketable with business customers. Empowered with the acclaim, Long and Tuan were determined to finish the system, as “there were plenty of spaces in the market for data processing at the time”.

However, another challenge appeared: product placement. In order to build a product that meet customer demands, have its own place and unique direction, the two, along with other teammates, need to survey similar data processing markets. Then, many other firms had already released data integration and processing tools, however, their end customers were the tech community – those knowledgeable in IT.

The pioneer in developing data integration and processing product for direct customers…

Having realized that even with the rising demand, there was a severe lack in solutions for direct users, Mr. Pham Minh Tuan had shared: “There was little to none data processing product for direct customers, and therefore we have little foreground for product placement. Everything was done blind.” And that was what made them the pioneer in developing data integration and processing product for direct customers.

It was only upon the product completion and sales that other firms started to release products similar to FPT.Fortuna. The team also assured that: In Vietnam, FPT’s competitors had yet to introduce any similar product.

The data integration and processing platform FPT.Fortuna is a tool made to build a mutual database that meets management demands. The product is also special in that, it is the first done by Pham Minh Tuan under FPT IS.

FPT.Fortuna provides the benefits of Support in storing clusterings; Ensure the flexibility through changes of data storing platforms (Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL…); Expand features and add reports; Maximum support in data input for quicker, easier, and more accurate operations.

There are 4 major platforms in the product, including: Integration of structured data (Forutna – DI); Storage of unstructured data (Fortuna – File); Data processing (Fortuna – DTS); Open data. Communications among these components are done via popular methods like HTML and ATI.

In particular, Fortuna – DI builds the mutual data base, systematizes smart reports with data updated periodically, close to real-time. Fortuna – File stores and manages sharing of unstructured data (data files). Fortuna – DTS cleans and transforms data, as well as provide for exploitation back apps or mutual data bases. With the platform being open-sourced, after integration, users can freely share and utilize processed data.

Through simple embeds, drags-and-drops, users can insert basic information and integrate data on the platform. Then, the product will automatically sync with periodic data, close to real-time. “The most important element of FPT.Fortuna is the meticulous nature of the team when solving every small cases”, Mr. My Duy Long shared. “Still data integration, but with the newest version of Oracle 12, the team had prepared various quick integration tools. In cases where customers use old databases like Microsoft 2002, 2005, the team would have to build other methods and tools that are compatible to the data processing speed”.

… to the 2 million USD contract

The growth of IT applications in all fields had tremendously raised the amount of data to be garnered and processed by governmental agencies, especially in Ho Chi Minh City – where IT had been applied for years. This problem requires optimal integration, processing, and exploitation solutions for management operations as well as decision making in one of the nation’s largest city. And FPT.Fortuna was the answer.

In September 2016, FPT.Fortuna was officially used in the project with Ho Chi Minh City authorities – a leader in IT application and e-Government of Vietnam. Through years, the city had built various systems and software to serve management as well as administrative operations.

However, initial lack of planning had led to many software having a big problem regarding databases being stored on too many different platforms (Oracle, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL…) at different units and departments under the city. Therefore, FPT.Fortuna’s mission is to integrate the city’s entire gigantic database, and make reports to assist management.

Ho Chi Minh City is Vietnam’s leader in IT application and e-Government

After 2 years of application and creation, FPT.Fortuna had integrated and applied daily updates for close to 1,000GB of data. Now, management only need 1 supervisory employee, and 1 hour to make a proposal report, instead of 2 full-time workers throughout 4 days for just 1GB of data. At the end of 2019, the project had attained a revenue of almost 2 million USD.

Pioneers of data integration and processing market for direct customers, yet Long and Tuan only admit FPT.Fortuna as one small step on the long journey of digital transformation.

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