After operating, FPT.Fortuna solution from FPT Information System will help big cities save data storage resources, easily share non-structured data for other software systems, serving shared data warehouse in the direction of efficiency and quickness.

Solution for integrated data and data processing

The development and application of information technology in all areas of life, socio-economy has been synonymous with the amount of data collected and stored by agencies. That amount of data grows at breakneck speed, distributed storage while each system only needs certain information or data or needs to aggregate from many different sources to meet the specific requirements of the system. Therefore, the problem is that it is necessary to have a solution to integrate information and data from different sources in order to use the information and data needed in an optimal and convenient way – FPT.Fortuna is the solution to this problem.

The application of information technology has helped the process of data integration and storage be improved in a more modern way, the data is integrated from many places, helping the management of leaders and industry levels also done more effectively.

FPT.Fortuna, developed by FPT Information System, is a data integration and processing platform built to provide all the necessary operations for data. This solution includes not only data integration applications but also operations on analyzing, reporting, processing and retrieving data provided to third-party applications or serving “clean” data (processed data) on the central data warehouse.

With business leaders, FPT.Fortuna supports creating weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual statistical reports to serve the management in the economic and social fields. Data linked from various management agencies help optimize data management and improve data quality.

For information technology management agencies, the software supports planning, reconstructing information architecture, concentrating data of units to serve new exploitation applications, from which to build effective local information technology development strategy.

For data mining units, data is continuously updated and backed up in FPT.Fortuna’s system, cleaned and standardized, always ready when there is a need to exploit. The unit will save storage hardware for unstructured data.

Application of standard technologies

Security is always a very important issue. The system is designed on the principle of 3 layers of securities.

  • Application layer: is granted access rights for each user and user group, each assigned according to their work duties.
  • Database layer: The role and login rights of the system are very tight. Triggers are optimized to allow those who have the right to access the database to be allowed.
  • System layer: considered between SQL permissions and Windows permissions, with the operating system’s security.

FPT.Fortuna product is built and deployed according to the professional software process of ISO 9001: 2008, CMM5 certificate and ISO – IEC 27001: 2005 security certificate. FPT Information System’s quality department always controls product quality, controls compliance with processes and comments from government leaders. This ensures program quality, quality of service deployment, deployment time …, ensuring success for the project.

FPT.Fortuna – software that provides all the necessary operations for the data has been developed by FPT Information System applying modern technologies such as Micro-services model design, Big data storage (Big Data), portal / Open Data, supporting data storage and separation (Clustering), Datacenter responsive architecture, Private cloud, Public cloud, …

The outstanding feature of the product is its high stability, maximum support for data entry, making operation quick, easy, accurate, the ability to upgrade to ensure flexibility with changes in many data storage platforms (Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, …). With these preeminent features, FPT.Fortuna has won Sao Khue 2019 for the category of new products, solutions, and software.

At the end of September 2016, FPT Information System started to build a data integration platform for Ho Chi Minh City to exploit a huge database, serving the administration and supporting administrative reform. FPT.Fortuna helps the city integrate data from various applications and platforms to build a centralized data warehouse with the ability to store and exploit large data on Big data platform (MongoDB, Kyoto Cabinet). In addition, the appropriate database for Ho Chi Minh City is also an important tool to help Ho Chi Minh City Department of Information and Communications in planning and redesigning information architecture, moving forward, build a shared database of the city – an important component of the future intelligent urban model.

FPT.Fortuna software has been registered for copyright protection successfully in Nov 2018. The protection of intellectual property rights is important not only for the product development team but also for organizations and customers. For authors and businesses, this contributes to encouraging creativity, promoting efforts and dedication of individuals for the purpose of developing more quality products/services, bringing high values for society. On the other hand, the protection of effective intellectual property rights has limited intellectual property violations, unfair competition acts, helping customers have the opportunity to select and use prestigious products and services.

FPT Information System

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