Over the years, FPT has prepared a complete platform for the latest technologies such as Big Data, AI, Cloud… On that basis, the corporation has built digital transformation service product chains in all 3 areas: the public sector, smart cities, and businesses to help the digital transformation process more effectively.

At the Industry 4.0 Summit 2019, hosted in collaboration with the Central economic commission and other relevant departments and ministries, FPT Corporation has introduced various digital transformation products and technology solutions. The following solutions to serve the smart city below are performed by FPT in the exhibition program of Industry 4.0 Summit 2019.

AkaMES is a platform for intelligent production. This is an ecosystem of many applications that coordinate production activities from raw materials, management, etc to sales. Real-time production management, paperless administration, detailed and overall control of production processes, production cost of each stage and risk alerts have been applied to a Swiss companies and some Japanese companies.

With the intelligent hospital management system, FPT.eHospital is the entire management software that operates smoothly from receiving patients to hospital discharge for optimizing the use of resources. FPT.eHospital 2.0 is now in use at 6 health departments and over 300 hospitals throughout the nation. This system is based on the latest technologies: AI, Big Data, Cloud, IoT, Mobility. Real-time data management system integrates digital signatures and electronic medical records to toward the paperless hospital.

FPT.AI – the only comprehensive artificial intelligence platform in Vietnam, provides overall solutions for businesses including 4 services: Language processing, Audio processing, Image processing, and digital knowledge. The platform’s main products include FPT.AI Vision – a solution to accurately identify and extract information from images, helping to digitize personal documents with an accuracy of over 95%, FPT.AI Conversation supports creating a virtual assistant (Chatbot) that helps up to 70% of business interactions with customers and FPT.AI Speech provides service that convert text to speech – speech to text.

Digitization document solutions akaDoc is a smart platform capable of extracting data from image files, pdf files and converting to digital data. akaDoc helps automate the process of inputting documents and saving 60-80% on manual costs.

As part of the FPT ecosystem, akaMinds, akaBot is a comprehensive RPA solution that helps automate business processes for businesses in a variety of fields from logistics, healthcare, customer service, banking, finance to telecom.

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