Made by FIS’s product to assist the digitalization of goods transportation management


The transportation infrastructure system includes hard infrastructure (traffic, bridge and stretcher system), and soft infrastructure (human resources, regulations, rules, and procedures), and the application of IT is crucial for effective and good management of them.

Reality has shown that there are certain limits on IT platforms for transportation management. With the set target of comprehensive digitalization of data, operations, and goods management processes in Vietnam, FPT IS’s project team had researched and developed FPT.eCargo – a management and operation system for different forms of transportation, from land to air.

FPT.eCargo  The key to reforming management and operation of goods transportation

Before, data updates on transportations were laborious tasks, limiting the capacity of production: Whenever information regarding shipments is needed, workers will have to track them down using internal phones or papers which consume a lot of time that can be better utilized.

FPT.eCargo is the effort of FPT IS in trying to counter the aforementioned issues. It is a comprehensive software system used for managing and controlling cargos, planning and transporting goods, as well as tracking and updating relevant information in time for administrative decisions and safety insurance of goods transportation.

Better control in the transportation industry

FPT.eCargo is built with two main functions: Operation management and Transportation management. The former includes planning, organizing cargo schedules, and tracking itinerary, as well as focuses on safety control. The software can be implemented on designated groups of cargo, updated easily to assist in solving car flow issues, as well as in-time trouble-shootings.

The second function includes controls of goods dispatch and contract performance status, as well as controls of technical problems and positions of each car. It also helps to cater transportation vehicles to the need of customers, manages bill of lading systems, and connects with other management systems of the company like electronic bills.

All management and goods transportation tasks will be digitalized with FPT.eCargo, including standardization of reports, better management, cost reduction, minimization of slack time, efficient labor. Furthermore, the software displays the status of each vehicle in details; tracks and records location history, as well as a planned itinerary in the next 24 hours.

In practical use, employees and operators can track cargo statuses of all vehicles (empty or full, on dispatch or loading, rotation time), aside from other information like vehicle and container technical details (broken or in use, whether they are in line for maintenance), all fully updated throughout the system.

Display of arrangement plans.

The system’s advantages include easy use for even unskilled employees and a wide area of functions (from leaders, managers to on-site workers such as car operators).

Besides, quick integration of relevant systems is also possible with FPT.eCargo (electronic bills, collection notices…, and in the future, accounting.)

Display of payment management

Recently, FPT IS’s FPT.eCargo has officially been registered at the Copyright Office of Vietnam as an Intellectual Property. This is the 18th patent “Made by FIS” in the year of 2019.

Bui Thanh Binh – FPT IS

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