The Vietnam Cyber Security Assessment and Audit Club had recently been founded by the Vietnam Information Security Association (VNISA), with 8 founding members, including CyRadar, Viettel, CMC, FPT, BKAV, VNCS, HPT and MISOFT.

The club is a specialized organization under the Vietnam Information Security Association – VNISA, which operates in the field of information security. All members are willing in their joining decisions, and obliges to follow the rules and regulations of the club.

According to the decision of establishing, there are 8 founding members in the club, including Viettel Cyber Security Company, CyRadar JSC, BKAV JSC, Vietnam Cyberspace Security Technology JSC (VNCS), HPT Vietnam Corporation, MISOFT JSC, CMC Information Safety and Security Ltd, and FPT CyberSecurity Center.

Before, FPT along with for leading Vietnamese organizations in security had also founded The Malware and Cyber-attack prevention Alliance.

One aim of the club is to develop Vietnam information security services market and implement healthy competition among providers.

The Vietnam Cyber Security Assessment and Audit Club (VSAC), aims to elevate general knowledge in information security services, develop its market, as well as implement healthy and fair competition among providers of the service.

Missions of the club includes: Analyze, research, propose and deploy methods to develop the market for assessment and auditing of cyber security services in Vietnam; contribute ideas to building government regulations, standards and criteria regarding assessing governmental information security; and creating a set of assessment and auditing standards for information security for VNISA.

Aside from its various responsibilities, the newly-form club is also a ground for revelant knowledge and experience sharing, as well as a support for assessing and evaluating their services.

In its working plan for year 2019, VNISA had planned to deploy a program for training and issuing official Information Security Auditors qualifications, in collaboration with the Department of Information Security – Ministry of Information and Communications, with hopes to take the first steps in building a professional and independent information security auditor force.

At the meeting of all members of VNISA in early 2019, the representative from the Ministry of Information and Communications had shown great support of the organization’s plan: “All nations have a strong and reliable specialized association to match with their strength in information security, and they are the ones to build standards and criteria in the field. From the perspective of little governmental interference, associations, enterprises, and civil forces will be the ones in lead. The Ministry of Information and Communications guarantees that we shall focus on providing the association with necessary resources to successfully built and deploy a training program, as well as issue information security auditors qualifications.”

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