FPT jointly develops sustainable technology community


Building a strong and sustainable Vietnamese technology ecosystem in which all can share resources, benefits, and values, as well as manage risks together is the goal of the corporation. As a big brother in IT industry in Vietnam, besides implementation for partners and customers, FPT has made practical activities such as organizing programs, events to connect communities, share knowledge, improve the quality of human resources in Vietnam.

f.transform() is a series of events organized by FPT, this name is set based on a common statement in the programming language. In that, the first layer is f standing for FPT, transform is a function with the meaning of digital conversion of FPT which not only takes place in the interior, but also aims to digitalize the whole ecosystem including partners, customers, the technology community, and be ready for the 4th industrial revolution.


Share knowledge with the community

In the context of complex information and change at a dramatic speed, as a big brother in Vietnam, FPT strive to provide the most up-to-date and precise information with the latest technology trends for the community. With cooperating with partners, deploying projects for customers, FPT has applied the latest technology to products and services in real life. From mid-2017, when artificial intelligence is still a relatively new technology in Vietnam, FPT TechDay provides participants the most comprehensive knowledge in combination with visual examples through presentations about technology demonstration area, smart home space, virtual assistant experience area, tracking the operation of self-propelled vehicles, etc from the leading experts in Vietnam and around the world. With the topic “AI – Unlimited Experience, Unlimited Future”, the program has appealed more than 700 direct attendees and over 50 newspapers and television stations.

Subsequently, intensive activities for community groups are also regularly held, including some of the more prominent names such as Amazon Dev Day, Vietnam IoT Day and Docker Day. Concentrating on sharing the solutions of practical problems, common and emerging phenomenon in specific fields such as the connectivity of everything, Bigdata, cloud computing, computer vision, etc, these events in small scale are held regularly and becoming the favorite gathering place of the programming lovers.

In addition to the events, the face-to-face meetings, FPT also maintains and develops TechInsight – the online technology site, where the news is continuously updated and shared with content contributed by community. With the active working on the social networking sites, FPT hopes that TechInsight will become an open source channel for the community, as well as regularly update news, new technology projects and insights of experts in FPT.

Mr. Le Hong Viet-CTO FPT congratulated CyRadar on launching at FPT TechDay 2017.

Develop human resource 

Identifying human resources is a key element in developing a sustainable technology community, FPT has made an effort to develop human resources in information technology. In particular, cooperating with domestic and foreign universities to train human resources; holding contests or events for the community are main activities in 2017.

The model of connecting business and universities to solve practical technology issues and combine with high-level postgraduate education has been implemented in the world for a long time but is very new in Vietnam. Last year, FPT signed a cooperation agreement with the University of Science – Vietnam National University (on June 5, 1977) and tripartite agreement with Hanoi University of Technology and the Sydney University of Technology Sydney (on October 31, 2017).

FPT awarded at least five full-ride doctoral scholarships, valuing VND 700 million each for students doing research topics on Artificial Intelligence such as abstract rendering for the development of a bank of Vietnamese semantics, managing task-oriented dialogues in Intelligent Dialogues, and performing multimedia data.

Mr. Bui Quang Ngoc, CEO of FPT, said that the corporation would provide students with practical and highly applied problems in a practical research environment and a team of leading technology experts to support throughout the research process. Universities will undertake the admission of doctoral students, direct training and doctorate degrees in the field of artificial intelligence, the connection of everything. At the same time, Ph.D. students would also have opportunities to attend seminars, conferences in depth, and be supplied with necessary advanced technology equipment.

On top of that, for the first time in Vietnam, the contests for researching and developing 4.0 technologies are organized.

  • With the Vietnam AI Hackathon, teams have opportunity to create innovative and breakthough solutions and products based on AI platform. With a total prize pool of up to 700 million VND, the TIM team consisting the students of Hanoi University of Science and Technology and University of Technology has win the champion, with the idea of building entertainment application using automatic AI to draw a “true” face prototype from the sketch and return to the users. A mixed variety of ideas on security, camera recognition, restaurant robots … with full of practicality were also performed at this playground.
  • Be a legacy competition, starting in 2016, Numeric Race is a digital contest specifically for students who prefer to learn self-propelled technology. Through learning and working process with the top experts and the opportunities to practice the knowledge on the model provided by the organizers, FPT hopes the playground will help young people in Vietnam to own a solid foundation for this new technology. The race entered the second round with the final in mid-April 2018.
Digital Race attendees.

Build an internal community

Beyond the events and contests for the tech community in Vietnam, many events and programs for the technology enthusiasts of F-family have also been organized last year.

CodeFights Online Arena is the first playground programming community of F family. This is where players have opportunities to interact, learn and train their programming skills and discover the new outstanding talents for the corporation. After 5 days of online challenging, the champion belonged to Mr. Nguyen Doan Hai Long – FPT Software.

In October and November 2017, profound gratitude was sent to technology staffs and families through the FPT Tech Experts 2017. Ms. Vu Huong Giang, mother of Mr. Dang Hoang Vu – FPT Technology Innovation Department said: “When I heard my son is working in a friendly and open environment, and with a long-term, challenging vision leader, I am really reassured.”

In 2017, the Group held 8 conferences, 4 intensive courses on Big Data, Solution Architect and Connected with everything with speakers are the leading national scientists and experts.

FPT TechDay 2017 attracted more than 700 attendees.

As a pioneer, FPT hopes to connect with the community to build the Vietnam Technology Ecosystem. In the coming years, in addition to the series of events and annual activities, FPT will focus more on jointly training with the school sector, supporting the organization of events for small and medium technology groups, creating more playground for Vietnamese technology community.

(Published on the FPT Technology Magazine, FPT TechInsight No.2)

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