‘FPT leads the market of ID card identification technology’


This is a conclusion drawn from a survey of customers using FPT.AI Vision identity card technology. According to the majority of customers, FPT is leading the quality of ID card identification with the accuracy up to 94.6%, the number that many other competitors cannot achieve.

FPT.AI Vision image recognition technology makes it easy to identify and extract information from people’s identity cards according to fields such as name, date of birth, hometown, ID number, gender, date… that helps to exploit information quickly, accurately, and save time. Thanks to being able to extract information via photos from mobile phones, FPT’s technology can be used flexibly all the time. This is the competitive edge of FPT.AI Vision that many other competitors do not have.

FPT.AI Vision accurately identifies 94.6% of information fields for both old-style ID cards and returns better identification results with new citizenship cards. For old faded identity cards, FPT.AI Vision produces negligible errors. With potentially incorrect information, FPT’s system will send a warning to users.

FPT’s identity card technology identifies and extracts accurate information fields on both the front and back of identity cards. This technology application saves 60 times more than manually entering data. Normally, to enter information from the ID card, it takes 3-4 minutes but for FPT.AI Vision, the information is duplicated and extracted into the computer only takes 2-3 seconds including the time of online transmission and it can process hundreds of photos at the same time depending on the needs of customers.

FPT.AI Vision’s identity identification technology accurately identifies the names, ID numbers, birth dates, hometowns, etc.

FPT.AI Vision is one of four FPT.AI modules built and developed by FPT Technology Innovation Department and experts and scientists in the field of artificial intelligence, machine learning,… FPT.AI Vision is the combination of advanced image processing techniques, natural language processing, developed on the basis of inheriting the superior features of OCR technology.

Customers can directly demo the ID technology on FPT.AI Vision’s website.

FPT.AI Vision helps applications and services identify and analyze content in images or documents accurately. The main functions of FPT.AI Vision focus on automating processing processes (Cognitive RPA) for businesses, image recognition, form identification and OCR (Optical Character Recognition). Thus, the application of FPT.AI Vision helps the Government, as well as Enterprises, digitize all basic documents such as citizenship card, driving license into a common model. FPT.AI Vision ensures to shorten the processing process, reduce the number and simplify, standardize the content of documents, reduce the time and cost of implementing administrative procedures.

Improve optical character recognition solution (OCR)

Currently, optical character recognition is developing strongly in an application and continuously has many new improvements to increase the application and effectiveness of output products. However, the recognition of Vietnamese characters (the accented language) remains a challenge to the development of OCR technology in the world.

A huge limitation that all OCR software currently faces is the lack of features to extract information from documents and forms. Most software only stops at full-text recognition but cannot extract information according to patterns/formats, fields according to users’ needs – a crucial need for employees whose jobs related to documents and archives. FPT.AI Vision solves the limitations of existing programs and is particularly suitable for identifying characters and extracting information from people’s identity cards in Vietnam.

By reducing the cost of personnel and time of data entry, FPT.AI Vision helps businesses increase operational efficiency while changing the scale of the system flexible. Enterprises do not need to maintain a cumbersome workforce because the system can completely increase/decrease the volume of data processing at any time. With APIs, FPT.AI Vision can be integrated into any enterprise system in the shortest time.

The digitization of documents, in particular, the automation of the data entry process by extracting information from images or documents, helps to store, preserve and maintain documents; improve the convenience of retrieving and searching for information, thus maximizing the saving of human and energy for management. FPT.AI Vision is a good solution for Vietnamese identity because it has the ability to: integrate results about spelling, natural language processing for Vietnamese; Deep Learning model for Vietnamese.

FPT.AI is the leading artificial intelligence platform in Vietnam, researched and developed by FPT Corporation in 2012 and deployed in many domestic and foreign business units. FPT.AI provides a platform where developers and businesses can develop solutions to many problems for businesses. FPT.AI’s applications, such as virtual assistants, chatbot, call centers, image recognition, etc., are the keys to help businesses automate and optimize operations and customer care and enhance business efficiency.

Phuong Thao

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