Recently, Vietnam Report JSC officially announced the list of Top 10 Prestigious Technology Enterprises in 2019.

Prestige of Technology Enterprises is evaluated quantitatively and independently, based on the results of corporate financial assessment, business evaluation on media by method of Media coding, and reference to enterprises and technology industry experts; and published in 2 Lists: Top 10 Enterprises in Information Technology – Telecommunications (IT – VT) and Top 10 Enterprises in Software Solution Technology and Equipment Supply Technology – Telecommunications in 2019 .

Accordingly, FPT ranked No. 2 in the prestigious Top IT – Telecommunication Enterprises and FPT Software – an FPT member unit topped the Top 10 Enterprises in Software Solutions & Supplying Technology and Prestigious Technology – Telecommunications equipment in 2019.

Source: Vietnam Report, Top 10 reputable Technology Enterprises in 2019, July 2019.

In 2018, FPT’s revenue and profit reached 17.4% and 30.6%, respectively, equivalent to VND 23,214 billion and VND 3,858 billion. In the first 5 months of 2019, FPT continued to grow strongly, with revenue growth of 20.2% to VND 9,961 billion and profit growth of 22.1% to VND 1,719 billion.

Acting as the main growth driver of FPT, Technology sector recorded revenue and profit before tax of VND 5,400 billion and VND 702 billion respectively, increasing by 23.9% and 45.3%, respectively, equivalent to 102% and 113% of the accumulated plan. In which, in foreign markets, the Technology sector recorded revenue of VND 3,983 billion, up 38.8%; Profit before tax reached VND 609 billion, up 38.0%.

Besides ranking Enterprises, Vietnam Report also identifies 4 typical trends of IT – telecom industry including technology application; starting a business; data security, network security and ethics, privacy. In particular, technology application has great development potential. Specifically, artificial intelligence (AI), data analysis (Data Analysis), cloud computing (Cloud Computing), blockchain, enhanced analysis, Edge technology, augmented reality (AR) … are the top priorities.

4 typical trends of the IT – telecom industry in 2019.

In particular, in the past few years, the wave of AI has spread to the whole world, including Vietnam, becoming the focal point of the 4.0 industrial revolution as well as the development focus of many enterprises in the industry. Currently, Vietnam is strongly implementing AI research and applications in business and life. Typical application areas such as automatic control (self-driving cars, automatic robots); health care (collecting, evaluating, giving health indicators and care regimes for each patient); services and advertising (based on customers’ habits and shopping behaviors to make recommendations about appropriate products)…

In 2018, it marked a big step for FPT when it became the first enterprise in Vietnam to own the comprehensive artificial intelligence platform FPT.AI. This platform is open for businesses to use with two free and fee-based forms based on user needs. The platform helps businesses quickly create a chatbot to interact directly with customers through natural conversations; allowing the voice to text conversion and converting text into speech with intonation and a wide selection of regions/genders; identify and digitize customer information with accuracy up to 95%.

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