From February 27th to March 31st, FPT Shop has cooperated with VioEdu in giving 2000 free math learning codes to customers buying laptops at FPT Shop, contributing to the prevention of Coronavirus outbreak.

It is against the backdrop that students have to stay at home to avoid the infection of Coronavirus, FPT Shop decides to give 2,000 free math course codes to customers buying laptops at FPT Shop from February 27th to March 31st. Accordingly, customers will receive the 3-month code at With fascinating delivery, clear instructions and vivid illustrations, Vioedu online course will help students in grades 1 to 6 and 12 to learn math at home, preventing them from the risk of disease transmission. In addition, as students attend a formal course, parents become more secure about their children’s learning and have more time to do their own work.

To receive the free online course codes, customers just need to buy laptop at the website After completing the purchase, FPT Shop will send the code to the registered phone number within 15 minutes, customers can use this code to login to the website and guide their children to watch online videos of lectures. Please call hotline 1800 6616 for support in case you haven’t received the code.

VioEdu’s interface.

VioEdu is a smart online e-learning platform helping students to personalise their learning and increase the learning efficiency, with the motto “Learn more, study less”. The lessons on VioEdu are developed by qualified teachers and educational experts from relevant educational facilities and universities, following national textbooks. In addition to personalization feature in Math, the system also allows teachers and schools to upload their contents on website and supports diverse question formats regarding other subjects. Furthermore, the system provides additional features that enable parents, schools and teachers to assign homework, give test, and closely monitor students’ training process through detailed statistical reports. The system has been widely deployed in many schools across Vietnam, such as Hanoi Star Secondary School, Newton Grammar School, Doan Thi Diem, and others.

The expectation of FPT Shop and VioEdu is to corporate with parents in protecting children’s health and to join hands with community in to prevent cross-contamination of Covid-19 disease.

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