In midst of Covid-19, Hanoi authorities has lockdowned crowded places except such essentials as pharmacies, petrol stations and grocery stores, while residents in Ho Chi Minh city also have to say goodbye to recreations to comply with the closure.

In response, FPT Corporation strives to implement software solutions that help residents overcome these difficulties, maximize work efficiency and improve customer experience.

1. Online learning system – VioEdu

In education, FPT accompanies schools, parents, and students across the nation to keep their learning spirit by making online learning on VioEdu ( free for all students until the end of the outbreak.

Until now, all 63 provinces and cities have had students registered and learning on the system, with exponential growth. Over 15,000 schools nationwide now have students using VioEdu to learn and practice online during their break for pandemic prevention. The system has also recorded over 90 million questions being revised and exercised.

On March 5, VioEdu Online Learning System had officially received commendation from the Minister of Education and Training, Mr. Phung Xuan Nha, for its active contribution in supporting schools to teach and learn online during the Covid-19 outbreak.

2. Employee attendance application – FoxPro

The application brings efficiency, at the same time ensures that employees follow regulations and grow closer with their companies. With FoxPro, employees and manage their attendance, requests for absent, and search information. To use the application, employees will need to install it, then use the office Wi-fi to press checkin and have their attendance recorded.

3. Unified service gateway – FPT.U-Services

Large business often have hundreds of internal procedures, making management of those time-costing, uncontrolled, and not uniform. Furthermore, a system lacking in transparency will also decrease employees’ loyalty, while wasting operational costs.

With the unified service gateway FPT.U-services, all internal procedures will be digitalized on one single platform, saving 90% of approval time in comparision to traditional method, and 50% of internal correspondence, thus reducing costs by billions of VND.

4. FPT Network management tool – Hi FPT

With Hi FPT, users can open/close their wifi, set children’s locks on FPT Television, making it more convenient to control internet usage of kids.

5. Security control for families – FPT Camera

This is an IP Camera service product, which allows supervision, recording, and control of camera devices, all concentrated on a cloud platform. With footage in full HD 1080, accurate color display in low lightings… FPT Camera is an effective method for parents to supervise their children at home during their break from school due to the pandemic.

More information can be found here.

6. e-Government solution – FPT.eGov

FPT.eGov includes multiple applications and databases that serve government management and control in various levels, helping citizens/businesses to save time and cost, at the same time providng transparent information, reducing red tape, and improving work efficiency for government agencies.

After its successful deployement in Quang Ninh Province, FPT.eGov are now being applied in 20 provinces and cities across the nation, including Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Hai Phong, Can Tho, Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Tay Ninh, Tra Vinh, Dong Thap, Long An…

7. Information security service for businesses – FPT.Eagle Eye MDR

To help business work from afar securely, FPT will provide the information security and incident response service –  FPT.Eagle Eye MDR for free in 3 months. This will be available for SMEs that use maximum 100 computers per business.

To use, businesses need to register their information at After verification, the FPT.Eagle Eye MDR service will be deployed in 2 hours. Businesses will only need to install it on all computers for instant use.

Upon detection of possible information security threat, FPT IS tech experts will notify and recommend rectifications to businesses in 10 minutes. Information will constantly be exchanged between FPT Information Security team and businesses via the Customer Portal.

8. e-Signation solution – FPT.eSignCloud

This solution allows users to sign digitally on electronic contracts from everywhere, at anytime, as long as there are Internat connections. With this, legalty is ensured, while time spent on reviewing and signing loans is reduced from at least a day to only 10-15 minutes.

At the moment, this e-Signation solution is helping FE Creadit, Home Credit, Easy Credit, and OCB replace millions of traditional signatures every year, at the same time reducing time needed for connection, and optimizing their customer experience.

9. Face verification solution – FPT.AI Vision Facematch

Identification procedure is legally required for many businesses, especially in providers of finance and banking services. Now, instead of cumbersome and time-consuming face-to-face document review, FPT.AI Vision Facematch will perform digital identification of customers, without direct interaction.

Users can perform identification remotely, by taking photos of their documents as required. Then, the system will compare photos on the documents with the users’ selfies to verify their faces. With an accuracy of 95,4%, this solution will optimize convenience for both businesses and individuals. In particulare, businesses can save time and cut operational costs, while individuals no longer need to travel to offices, wait, and fill in numerous forms and papers.

10. AI virtual assistance for COVID-19 prevention

On February 14, FPT Corporation and Electronic Health Administration – Minsistry of Health, had introduced the specialized news site on the coronavirus outbreak (Covid-19) at

In only one week, FPT had built and developed an AI-based chatbot, with the ability to answer users 24/7 regarding Covid-19 matters, using a medical database standardized by experts, with reocrds and information reported by citizens and processed by relevant officials.

This is a useful channel to get accurate information on the pandemic, raise proactivity in disease prevention, and reduce communal infection. Busy days have seen the chatbot consult up to 8,000 inquiries at a time, with utmost accuracy.

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