The invention stems from a harsh reality: heart diseases are among annual leading death causes in Vietnam. With this in mind, the “5 Idiots” team, with 5 guys from FPT Education has researched and developed a household heartbeat tracking device, which is extremely easy to use. This is also the team’s presentation product at the Final Round of IoT Showcase Contest 2019, hosted by FPT Education.

According to estimations by WHO, 33% casualties in our nation of the year 2016 is due to heart failure. Ambulances meanwhile take a long time, making it impossible to rush emergency patients. The students from FPT Education has therefore utilized IoT to create a heartbeat tracking device that can quickly connect patients to hospitals in case of health problems.

Presentation to the judges.

The device mechanism includes 3 major components: heartbeat data gathering, data storing and processing, and analysis and alarm when necessary. The alarm shall also go along with a notification sent to the hospital, families, and the patients themselves. As such, the device eliminates the time used to call for an ambulance, while maintaining 24/24 health tracking on the patients.

The team also presents 4 benefits of the device, including: 1. Raising alarm over patients’ health risks; 2. Frequent and constant data storing regarding the patients, doctors, shifts; 3. Inter-device and Inter-platform support; 4. Neat, handheld device.

The product’s commercial price is about 1,700,000 VND, which is rather low in comparison to health devices’ market prices, and is therefore suitable and economical for Vietnamese households.

Commenting on the product, Mr. Nguyen Dinh Manh Linh – tech expert from FPT Group, had acknowledged the team’s effort in developing the product. However, he pointed out, the team had little understanding on the respective field. In particular, the heartbeat is not quite enough as a parameter that reflects health risks accurately. Furthermore, the price comparison between the product and Philips TV Za1000 (a commonly used health device) is not reflective, seeing that Philips TV Za1000 does more than just tracking heartbeats.

The group receiving comments and inputs from the judges.

After listening to the judges’ feedback, “5 Idiots” had expressed their aim to next improve the device visually, as well as set up an offline data storage. The group also wanted to have the device commercialized, as this might bring its benefits closer to users.

FPT Education

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