For students at FPT University, their graduation thesis is not only for show. Rather, these can be their stepping stones for a successful career.

Recently, a project of 5 FPT University students – Izee Media Streaming has attracted a total of 200 million dong in investment. This is a multi-function online video streaming platform which supports trans-device viewing had originally started out as a graduation thesis. Using Cloud Storage technology, the platform offers high streaming speed with servers located in data centers all over Vietnam.

With Izee Media Streaming, users can be assured of their data security, as their information will be stored using the best cloud computing service from the esteemed partner MemeCloud. Izee will also integrate transmedia advertising solution to cater for all customer demands.

FPT University’s Izee team giving a presentation on their product.

The aforementioned strengths of Izee had attracted orders from numerous businesses right upon its launch, and the product had also been allowed usage at Ho Chi Minh City’s Shopping fair. Topica Edutech Group – a reliable educational organization had also expressed their interest in the product to establish video connection for the group’s online classes. At Netlink’s conference, Phan Khanh Tung – the team leader and also Izee’s CEO, had had a discussion with the Asia-Pacific head of Google Adsense regarding future investment plans for the product.

While it might not had exploded like Izee, “Automatic grading software”, another graduation thesis done by FPT Students including Nguyen Quoc Bao, Nguyen Duong Minh, Hoang Trung Duc, and Pham Minh Hieu had been highly acclaimed by FPT University for its practicality and potential immediate usability for the school’s operations.

In particular, the group’s project had help the school increased its grading efficiency and effectiveness with an automatic grading software, reducing the grading time down to 5 second per paper. Grading results will be later extracted into to an excel file, with detailed notes on detected errors. Based on this file, FPT University’s Department of Testing and Quality assurance can easily and quickly notify students of their test results.

Team leader Nguyen Quoc Bao had shared: “Our initial target is to create an accurate and reliable tool, as grades play an important part in students’ results. We believe that accuracy and transparency is a must, and had attained the test accuracy of 100% after trial.”

The 5 students upholding their graduation project.

Practicality and high commerciality are the keys to commercializing FPT Students’ projects. In fact, many projects received great attention from businesses, or grow to become future start-ups.

The success of students’ graduation thesis speaks volumes of the quality of FPT University’s education.

Another successful project is the Barista machine that was researched and developed by students Nguyen Thai Dung, Nguyen Le Thu Hien, Cao Hoang Anh, and Phung Tien Dat. The machine includes two major part: the hardware (the machine itself) and the Android-based control application, connected with each other via Bluetooth. Through this link, users can send their drink requests, either on app’s menu, or send in a recipe. “Users can choose among one of the 10 cocktails on the app, or create their own drinks from their own recipes. Their requests will be sent to the hardware via a microprocessing system,” team member Thai Duong shared. A school’s professor had express his interest in the product right after the upholding session.

The success of students’ graduation thesis speaks volumes of the quality of FPT University’s education. The school had always held practical knowledge in high regards, and had shaped its teaching method accordingly.

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