Previously, developers will need 2 to 3 days in order to finish coding a web application. With akaDev, however, total time spent can be reduced to mere hours, increasing work efficiency by 50-70%.

Low-code was first defined in 2014, and since then market demand for low-code tools has been sky-rocketing (average annual growth rate goes from 30% to 40%). Yet, factors such as time, cost, and human resources remain challenging to web app development.

At FPT, for every deployment of a new software project, a new procedure needs to be built. The step, however, is filled with repetitive and time-consuming tasks, while the project team is packed to the brims with customer requests. As a results, employees need to work overtime, and their work efficiency may be reduced. In respond to such situation, FPT Productivity Innovation Department (PID) had developed the akaDev platform.

What is akaDev?

akaDev is a low-code platform used to develop web applications. In essence, akaDev provides users with IDE so they can configure business definitions, as well as drop-and-drag to easily create a website. Configurations of validation, permission, and workflow are also possible, and the finished product can be put into immediate use. The platform, in general, is design to accelerate app development, installation and deployment, as well as reduce manual coding.

akaDev is the fruit of the mutual effort of Mr. Le Anh Dung and his team at FHO.PID, FPT Software. It is flexible and fast: meeting all needs without common programming. With akaDev, any web application can be easily deployed without manual coding, all the while maintaining consistency.

AkaDev is high in flexibility, quick in meeting needs without common programming

akaDev is developed on the basis of common frameworks like Spring Boot, Velocity Template, JSON, … The difference, however, lies in its dynamic design that is open to additional plug-ins, all in order to deal with tough requests from the customers.

The platform will support SaaS (Software as a Service) system, so users can quickly deploy, as well as easily maneuver an application from akaDev, without having to worry over servers and possible errors during deployments. Users will therefore only need to focus on major features for the fastest procedures. 

A solution to the personnel problem

With akaDev, instead of taking from 2 to 3 days to code a web application, the time will be reduced to just 2 or 3 hours, increasing work efficiency from 50-70%. The platform was first put into use since April 2018, and currently 5 tools have been built on the akaDev basis, including FPT Japan’s recruitment system, FPT Software’s SME management system, and SSC Portal – the group’s internal management system.

Mr. Le Anh Dung, Head of PID had shared: “The platform’s target is to save 30% dev human resources in each project, heading to 80% by 2020. akaDev also helps in a major aim of the business – to increase project efficiency. akaDev is PID’s response to the growing and ever-changing need for internal tools development, especially in the age of digital transformation.

Mr. Dung and his partners shall continue to improve and complete the products in order to bring about the easiest user experience. At the same time, akaDev deployment will be applied to internal products, as well as external ones.

Recently, the akaDev platform had surpassed 5 other competitors and excellently won First Place at iKhien 2 – FPT’s Innovative Award, which purpose is to seek and honor the innovations of FPT employees.

FPT Software’s akaDev platform won First place at iKhien 2.

Nguyen Duc Anh Tiep – Phuong Thao

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