Improve the productivity of Back Office with Mail Merge


Starting from the reality in order to save resources, increase productivity, ensure work schedule for HR staff when processing correspondence, Mr. Vu Van Tung (working at FPT Software Technology Development Department) came up with the idea of ​​Mail Merge with superior features, integrating many functions that only the premium mail tools on the market have.

Many improvements compared to MS Word

Every day, experts of FPT Software’s Human Resources Department must handle hundreds of letters sent to units, often using Mail Merge. However, with the normal way of sending Mail Merge, users will have trouble attaching files (customization); Send CC and BCC; Customizing subject. This is a problem that hundreds of FPT Software employees encounter and struggle to find solutions.

To solve the temporary problem, many staff members used Mapilab tools available for sale. However, FPT Software has to spend 24 USD for each computer to install this tool. Facing this situation, Mr. Vu Van Tung (currently working in Technology Development Department) came up with the idea of ​​FPT Software Mail Merge.

After only 3 weeks, through many versions and strict security censorship stages, in mid-July, Mr. Vu Van Tung and his colleagues released the final version of FPT Software Mail Merge with outstanding features.

In addition to the urgent features that Human Resources require such as file attachment (customization); send CC and BCC; Customizing subject, the product is integrated with features of the paid mailing tool in the market, including personalizing users, storing templates, checking sending mail, setting up sending mailboxes, etc. develop more applications suitable to the actual work at FPT Software.

The software uses API from Outlook, this helps the server not to overload when sending large numbers, resulting in outgoing emails being blocked from the recipient’s mailbox. According to user feedback, within 30 seconds, FPT Software Mail Merge is capable of sending up to 5,000 emails.

This speed is greater than many email delivery tools on the market. This tool does not limit the number of messages sent each time. Currently Mail Merge can be downloaded and installed for free throughout FPT Corporation.

Interface of FSOFT Mail Merge.

The interface of FPT Software Mail Merge is similar to that of Outlook, including: Part 1 has an Outlook account; Mail title (can customize according to different recipients); Exel Template (raw data file for importing information related to each recipient); Part 2 is the “Body” of the letter with basic functions such as font format, paragraphs, style, form, insert related information. Immediately after installation, users can perform the current tasks on the interface. Since being put into use 2 months ago, Tung has recorded nearly 500 downloads.

Sharing about the advantages of the tool, Mr. Vu Van Tung – a member of the tool development team said: “FPT Software Mail Merge has some advantages such as saving effort in sending information to many users in a certain format. This is an internal tool developed by FPT Software, no license fees and open for all FPT, anyone who needs it can use the tool. The tool is user-friendly, easy to install, use and support all the necessary functions related to merging”.

Author Vu Van Tung shared about the tool in iKhien 4.

Improve productivity of Back Office blocks

Since putting the Mail Merge tool into use, FPT Software has improved daily labor productivity. Compared to using Mail Merge in Word, FPT Software Mail Merge interface is more friendly, allowing to save the template for reuse. Normally, if sending mail to each object and attaching, there will be limitations such as time consuming, each mail takes 3 minutes on average (copy paste, edit text, attach); Easy to forget to edit the text in places; Missing file attachments, wrong attachments. Avoid many errors because the tool runs mail according to the data field, if there is no link, the file will alert users.

Evaluation of FPT Software Mail Merge, many employees used to confirm that the tool deserved to receive 9/10 points compared to the initial HR request. However, if the tool can improve the content of the message and format the table more flexibly, it will be more complete.

In the coming time, the project team will continue to create new tools, maximum support internal work, contribute to increase productivity and bring FPT Software into the digital ecosystem.

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