Insight FPT.AI: AI application to increase production and business efficiency in enterprises


With the support of artificial intelligence technology (AI), enterprises will have outstanding development in production, business as well as management … That is the main content of the experts on AI sharing at the event “Application of AI to increase production and business efficiency in enterprises” first held in Ho Chi Minh City on April 18, 2019.

AI application in business is an inevitable trend

According to experts, artificial intelligence is considered to be the most important fundamental technology that leads digital transformation in industries, sectors, and corporate organizations. As predicted, by 2030, AI will contribute an additional 15.7 trillion USD to the global economy. In 2019, 40% of digital transformation initiatives will use AI technology. In Vietnam, the leading enterprises in technology have been strongly involved in this “reincarnation”. Currently, AI has been applied in many areas such as finance, health, insurance, education, transportation …

Insight FPT.AI – Update the most advanced AI applications that bring breakthroughs to businesses

Facing the development of Artificial Intelligence, FPT soon had specific goals in deploying products, services and qualified human resources for the future through the development of FPT artificial intelligence platform.

Following the success of Insight FPT.AI 2018 in Hanoi, early 2019, FPT.AI will present the first event in Ho Chi Minh City – Insight FPT.AI 2019. At this event, FPT hopes to brings the latest trends of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in business through useful shared content such as:

  • Investment in AI in the world and in Vietnam.
  • Introducing FPT.AI platform – Demo products directly at the stage.
  • AI Conversation application: Promoting interaction and automatic engagement with customers through virtual assistants; FPT.AI Speech: Convert text into speech and Recognize Vietnamese speech according to regional characteristics; FPT.AI Vision: Identify and extract accurate information from images; FPT.AI Knowledge: Huge knowledge system with inheritance for many sectors / fields
  • AI under the scientific perspective: introducing algorithm, benchmark, technical overview analysis, opening a scientific approach to FPT.AI’s 4 modules.

Besides, the questions of users in the process of using the product will be answered by FPT.AI experts right at the event.


As a technology event, Insight FPT.AI 2019 has the presence of top names in the AI category in Vietnam. Besides, Insight FPT.AI also has the participation of entrepreneurs from businesses who have been and will be interested in developing artificial intelligence technology in the future, which is expected to bring unprecedented cooperation opportunities and networking.

Readers interested in the event please register here. In particular, each attendee will have the opportunity to receive many attractive gifts from the organizers.

Insight FPT.AI: Vietnam’s No. 1 AI platform and application in enterprises

Time: 14h – 17h30 on April 18, 2019
Location: Ho Chi Minh City
E-mail: [email protected]
Hotline: 0911886353

FPT.AI is the leading artificial intelligence platform in Vietnam, researched and developed by FPT Corporation in 2012 and deployed in many domestic and foreign business units. FPT.AI provides a platform where developers and businesses can develop solutions to solve many problems for businesses. FPT.AI’s applications, such as virtual assistants, chatbot, customer care switchboard, image recognition, etc., are the keys to help businesses automate and optimize operation – customer care and enhance business efficiency.

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