Lavifood’s new step in Corporate Governance


Lavifood’s vision in the fruit and vegetable processing industry in the next 10 years is: Vietnam No.1 – Top 5 Southeast Asia – Top 10 Asia – Top 20 in the world. In addition to investment in machinery, technology, personnel; Lavifood determined that in order to meet these objectives, it must do well the internal management, optimize resources. After a period of consideration and evaluation, Lavifood decided to choose FPT IS as their deployment unit.

At 11:11, November 11, 2018, FPT IS and Lavifood Joint Stock Company officially operated the ERP Enterprise Resource Planning System, marking the 7-month development of the project team on both sides.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Pham Ngoc An, Deputy General Director of Lavifood emphasized: “Previously, all information about the company’s activities when moving to leadership was fragmented and not updated. It is also difficult for superiors who want to solve the root problem. Or when the superior knows, “it is all done”. When applying ERP Enterprise Resource Planning system, Lavifood has confidence that operating the system will help the company better manage, aim at an international and professional environment”.

Four years old only but having outstanding achievements in the market, with a capacity of 15,000 tons of finished products per year, Lavifood is one of the most dynamic factories in the production and export of fruits, vegetables and Vietnamese high-quality agricultural products to the global market. In addition to the main product of frozen fruit, Lavifood also supplies fresh and frozen vegetables, ground products, and condensed juices and juices.

Launching ceremony of the Enterprise Resource Planning project for Lavifood took place in Ho Chi Minh City.

“Lavifood’s leaders’ wish is a standardized process towards international markets. When building an international standard process, everyone’s way of doing things follows that process. They all speak and work in a “language” with transparent data. This will naturally increase the connection in the working process, improve the performance”, Mr. Pham Ngoc An stresed on the reason Lavifood’s Board of Directors invested in ERP system.

On April 16, 2018, the project was started by the two companies at Lavifood’s headquarters in Long An. Accordingly, FTP IS deployed ERP system for Lavifood with the following modules: Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Cost Management, Sales & Distribution Management, Production Management, Purchase Management and Warehouse, Quality Management, Data Consolidation, Maintenance – Maintenance Management, Barcode System Integration.

Deployment system for 3 units of Lavifood: Long An factory, Tay Ninh factory and Lavifood’s office in Ho Chi Minh City.

The project is carried out in 7 months including 5 stages: 1. Prepare; 2. Explone, 3. Realize: Building systems – testing, 4. Deloy: Preparing for operation, and 5. Run.

Normally for many companies that have been established a long time, having a stable process, ERP system implementation takes quite a long time because it almost has to “rebuild” the business processes. However, Lavifood is a new company, the operation process at the factory is not clearly shaped, so immediately after the ERP business process is unified, it is applied immediately to Lavifood factories.

Launching ceremony of the Enterprise Resource Planning project for Lavifood took place in Ho Chi Minh City.

Ms To Thanh Nhan, Project Manager of FPT IS, added: Lavifood’s leaders is “one step ahead” when asking FPT IS to build more processes for the future according to SAP’s standard solution. The requirements for building processes for the future account for about 20% of the total deployment process.

Having envisioned solutions for future processes and the support of experts at Lavifood plus experience from projects on fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) such as Trung Nguyen coffee, Vinamilk milk and water drinking Tan Hiep Phat… the project team solved this request for Lavifood.

Finally, after 7 months, the project team timely handed the system on schedule to put it into official operation in Lavifood. The first result was that in the first 10 days of December 2018, Lavifood completed the first month’s settlement on the ERP system as scheduled by the leaders of the two sides at the operation ceremony.

Leaders of both sides of the ERP operation day, Nov 1, 2018.

November 11, 2018 not only marked the operational milestone of the ERP system. Moreover, this event marked the success of Lavifood’s management capacity development to a new level. SAP ERP project implemented by FPT IS is an important step in the process of applying technology to management, production and business to help Lavifood become a truly effective enterprise.

Thanh Trang – FPT IS

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