From October 10th to October 31st, as an introductory promotion, the online education platform VioEdu will offer a product trial with a discounted price, exclusive to FPT families.

VioEdu aims to help millions of Vietnamese students to learn more efficiently via the use of AI, equipping them with a robust knowledge foundation, ready to mingle globally. Furthermore, families of FPT employees will also have the chance to test out FPT’s most quality products with low prices, with an exclusive deal when buying learning packages on VioEdu. In particular, instead of having to pay 960,000 VND for one account per year, FPT Small will enjoy the promotion price of 360,000 VND/account/year, which is equivalent to only 30,000 VND/month.

Please get the promotion code HERE, fill in your FPT email, and the code will be mailed immediately. One account can only receive one code, and this code can be transferred.

To buy a learning package on website, please follow these steps:

  1. Register a new account
  2. Choose the one year learning package
  3. Enter the code mailed to your FPT email, and proceed to payment.

VioEdu is the first online learning platform that uses AI in Vietnam, and is researched and developed by a team of specialists from FPT Technology Innovation Department. Lectures on VioEdu are the fruit of teams of leading teachers and education specialists in Vietnam, with contents staying close to the curriculum proposed by the Ministry of Education and Training. At the moment, the system includes 400 lesson videos, covering over 100,000 contents in Mathematics for elementary students. In the near future, VioEdu plans to constantly update and complete contents on Math in Vietnamese, Math in English, Physics, Chemistry, English, and STEM. VioEdu shall act as an “AI learning assistant”, always by the students’ side for one on one teaching, providing them with personalized learning paths that highlight their strengths and counters their weaknesses.

Throughout the testing period of school year 2018-2019, performed on 2,000 students at elementary schools around Hanoi, the results are looking positive. In particular, according to the objective judgement of teachers that had been in direct contact with the students, 73.8% had shown great improvement after 3-6 months of using VioEdu.

At the moment, VioEdu has been officially deployed at various schools around Hanoi, like FPT Cau Giay School, Hanoi Star School, FPT Highschool…

Employees can get more information regarding account registration and learning package purchase.

For further inquiries, please contact:

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