With the aim to a higher efficiency OKR, FPT Software had deployed Teams – A teamwork application from Office 365. The application is expected to rectify various limitations of previous chat and teamwork applications, and should increase work efficiency by 30%.

Teams – A key to successful teamwork

According to a research by Asia Workplace 2020, teamwork challenges include:

  • Too many direct meetings affecting work effectiveness (38%);
  • Too much time for introduction and integration of new employees (36%);
  • Company-scale meetings are generalized and did not communicate organizational aims;
  • Groups are reluctant to changes and do not accept new working methods (29%);
  • Group members cannot get used to a flexible schedule (23%),
  • Drag-ons when seeking for solutions to internal problems (23%).
Teams will help overcome teamwork challenges.

As a part of the Office 365 ecosystem, Teams is an application designed for groups: integrated in the app are chat, group meetings, screen sharing, as well as Office 365 tools. In other words, Teams is an All-in-one application with the feature to priority display newest group interactions, so the users will always be updated with latest news.

Outstanding chat feature from Teams

Teams includes Lync’s ability to search for colleagues, Messenger’s ability to create group chats, event settings, poll creator – all features of other teamwork applications, only improved.

In a Teams’ group chat, it’s possible to tag members to assign tasks and deadlines, as well as track their working process. Teams will also issue alarms to notify approaching deadlines.

Sharing files is also easier with Teams due to One Drive integration. In contrast to normal chat applications with file data limits, Teams with One Drive integration will load the files into the cloud, thus removing usual limits. Furthermore, users will also have better data organization with Teams, seeing that they can set the shared files to be Only View or Can Edit.

One outstanding feature of Teams is its ability to navigate shared materials. Instead of having to click onto individual files to see the edit history, which is extremely time-consuming, users can just click on File in a Teams group chat, and see all interactions with all files.

The Member addition feature is also special. With Teams, users can decide whether or not the newcomers can see previous chat history, instead of automatically allowing them to do so.

On the other hand, the role setting function will allow better organization for the chat group.

Message tracking is also made easier with the Filter function, where users can browse tagged, unread, following and favorite messages. This will help keep users updated with the latest news.

Finally, Teams can categorize various tabs according to usage, similar to Trello, Survey Monkey, Jira Cloud, Webex,…

Smart meetings with AI

Teams is currently in the process of completing these new outstanding features for Smart meetings with AI applications:

Cloud Recording – Helps record the meeting with one simple click, and automatically times and transcribes. This allows all members to read subtitles, search conversations, and re-project completely or partially the meeting. Future updates for this function may include face recognition, so the app can put stamps for viewers to see who’s saying what.

Inline message translation – Those with language problems can easily converse via translations of posts and conversations.

Cortana voice interactions for devices that support Teams – Allow users to easily make calls, join meetings or add others into Teams meetings with natural voice commands. This function will soonbe extended to IP phones and conference equipment.

Background blurring for videos – Background blurring function for video calls will help people to focus on the content of the meetings, instead of getting distracted by background images.

Nearby detection for Teams meetings – This function will help users explore and add a nearby and readily-available Skype Room System for any meetings.

Mobile sharing during meetings – Attendees can share live videos, images or screens from any mobile devices.

Global standard modern security

As a part of Office 365, Microsoft Teams provides full-time encryption for data and a transparent working model, which do not access customers’ data. A multilayer identification system also provides better security for identity and data in the group.

Moreover, Microsoft Teams also assist data protection standards, as well as follow strict data processing regimes such as EU terms (HIPAA, BAA), ISO 27001, ISO 27.018, and SSAE 16 SOC 1 & 2.

Meeting the criteria of numerous big firms

In only a year since its introduction, Teams has received the recognition of various big firms such as RLH Corporation, Technicolor and General Motors, who highly acclaim how Teams had transformed how people gather, change, and develop the business..

RLH Corporation (international hotel corporation)

When Greg Mount became the CEO of RLH Corporation – the group behind Red Lion Hotels, GuestHouse and America’s Best Value Inn in 2014, he adopted a completely different strategy, transforming the then North-West America brand into a national one.

Ever since, RLH Corporation had acquired many hotel groups, increasing the number of hotels owned from 62 to over 1.100 in just three years. Teams had been used in the group since last year as a solution to changing management and consistency issues.

RLH Corporation had consider various chat tools, before deciding on Teams for its continuing use of Office 365 and Power BI. Now, Teams is used by the entire personnel: managers now use Teams to communicate instead of direct meetings and sending papers.

Technicolor – A leader in media and entertainment

Technicolor had been using Teams as new method for employees to collaborate on various tasks, including technical, strategic, purchasing and related tasks.

Technicolor’s Production Service Business Units are currently using teams for important projects which requires transparency and international employees across various time zones. In these types of project, Team had helped greatly reduced periodical meetings and internal information flow, resulting in the optimal use of cloud.

Positive experience with Teams means that Technicolor plans to further use Teams in other departments of the organization.

General Motors – One of the largest American car manufacturers

This is what Fred Killeen, CTO of General Motors, had talked about Teams: “In order to bring about changes to transportations, we need to maximize work efficiency through all business units. Teams allows our employees to connect and share files, regardless of their locations. The Integration of Teams along with Office 365 and third-party services and applications will greatly assist our works in finding relevant information, leading to the best results.”

Real results from using Teams.

FPT – One of Viet Nam’s leading IT groups

FPT Software in partnership with Microsoft representatives had hosted a Teams introduction event on May 29, 2019. Teams had previously been tested at some of the group’s unit, and received plenty acclaims.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy (FHN.BA), a user of Teams in the BA department had shared about the benefits brought about by Teams: “Teams has helped the BA department have the best internal communication.”

Ms. An also contributed advices for the development and effective results of Teams: Some parts needs to be opened for onsite employees away from FPT Software; Conversation should be deleted by the admins; Conversation invitations for all members; Quick settings for email-connected conversations; Automatic member updates.

Mr. Nguyen Quang Dung – IT Director at FPT Software had shared:“The Launching of Teams along with On-Cloud model has faced with various difficulties regarding IT infrastructure. However, FPT Software with its growing staff will struggle if it continues to opt for the old-fashioned ways. We need to change and fit into this constantly developing 4.0 age.”

Teams – Teamwork application in Office 365 ecosystem is expected to replace Skype for Business (Lync) from 2020. According to Top Fortune, 87 out of its 100 companies uses Team. FPT Software also hope to soon launch Teams in the entire company, to help increase efficiency, as well as paint FPT’s image of being tech firm with a world-class applications.

Microsoft Office 365 is a software package that provides cloud versions of regular Microsoft software, including: Microsoft Office and server software like Exchange server, Sharepoint server, and Lync Server.

Microsoft Teams is a system that provides Chat, Meetings, Notes and Attached files, integrated with Office 365 of the company (Microsoft Office and Skype), as well as expansion features that allows integration with non-Microsoft products.

Since February 2017, FPT had officially acquired Office 365 Tools for its employees in replacement of the old tool kit. All signed employees will benefit from this change.

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