Grasping the trend of the health sector in the digital era, FPT Information System (FPT IS) officially launches 03 new products aimed at medical doctors and patients with the goal of helping to save examination time and improve the quality of Vietnam’s health sector.

Application of digitization – launch pad for the health sector

Scientific and technological innovation is becoming the center of all directions of health reform. In particular, there is an inevitable trend that everyone is easily aware of: Digitization. From medical examination book, X-ray film, medicine order… the health industry has entered the digital era.

According to health and information technology experts, digitalization of the medical industry will be the launch pad for a modern advanced health, from which patients will be the first beneficiaries.

Mobile medical solutions for healthcare can help doctors and patients stay connected, regardless of time. In the world today, there are many established platforms, connecting doctors, helping them exchange patient cases and consultations.

In Vietnam, FPT IS has just launched three products to help promote the digitalization of the health sector including the Mobile Medical Solution (mobile app) with two versions of the application, Mobile Medical Solutions for Healthcare. Doctors and Mobile Medical Solutions for clients (patients), along with EMR Electronic Records 4.0.

The launch of 3 new products of FPT IS.

Mobile medical solution for doctors and patients

Currently, the medical examination and treatment work of the Vietnamese health sector still has many separate stages with complicated paperwork, which is time-consuming for both doctors and patients, reducing work efficiency.

So, Nucia – Mobile medical solution for physicians is born, This is an application with basic features such as: Managing patients being treated (number of patients, alerting when patients are ill erratic index …); Managing medical records (updating the situation of immediate treatment with mobile devices); Service assignment (allows for easy assignment of services to patients …); Give medicine orders quickly and conveniently; Make statistical reports (automatically update, analyze the situation of hospitals right on the mobile …).

Patio – Mobile medical solution for patients will help patients to register for online examination anywhere with a mobile device without having to go to the hospital in line to wait. The application also allows customers to make medical appointments to help their relatives and monitor the health of family members.

Mobile medical solutions are the perfect tool to support professional tasks for doctors, nurses and health workers; support patients to schedule examination and follow up medical records quickly. With outstanding advantages: time-saving, convenient, flexible, the applications are expected to bring new experiences to users, improve the quality of medical examination and treatment of Vietnam’s health sector. With outstanding advantages: time-saving, convenient, flexible, the applications are expected to bring new experiences to users, improve the quality of medical examination and treatment of Vietnam’s health sector. Especially both versions are developed on Android and iOS operating systems.

Electronic medical record EMR 4.0

Electronic Medical Products – EMR 4.0, digital version of paper medical records. Electronic medical records are the resources of the medical industry in the digital transformation, while paper medical records can only be used for each patient’s medical record. The product is built on the most advanced and modern technology to realize the digitalization of medical records and meet 7/9 requirements of Circular 46 on the Regulation of Electronic Medical Records issued on December 28, 2018. Medical documents and records are strictly and scientifically organized according to the standards of clinical document architecture and clinical document warehouse architecture. EMR supports hospitals to manage patient records information confidentially and securely, managing waiting records of medical records serving the hospital’s management needs.

The product has been successfully deployed at Hai Phong International Hospital. This is also the only hospital up to now announced to be the first hospital to apply electronic medical records on the Portal of the Ministry of Health Information Technology.

Three new applications of eHealth Center have been researched and implemented during the past 9 months, in order to create practical Made by FIS products with social needs, serving the people. The representative of the e-government sector, the system health, said the unit will continue to launch new products in the near future.

EHealth Director – Mr. Nguyen Duy Hien emphasized that the above 3 products are components of the Health 4.0 ecosystem that FPT IS GMC can exploit.

It can be seen that these products are components of the medical ecosystem 4.0 implemented by FPT IS Information System Company, with the goal of creating practical solutions and products,matching with social needs, serving best for the people. In the future, FPT IS will not only target public hospitals, but also deploy a compact version for general private clinics.

Phuong Thao

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