Educational technology has the rapid change which brings the most interesting but hardest part of this industry in the last 10 years.

The educational industry is always affected by the latest technologies. Maybe this year you are experiencing online learning on a 17-inch computer screen. But the next year, you have access to them on smartphones or other devices. The fact proved by the event announcing the birth of Apple Watch. After only 10 minutes of publication, there was discussion in the media about the potential of smart watch learning.

New and modern technologies fascinated us. It makes it difficult to identify trends that are useful, or misused. On a closer look, education experts from the research group at Bloomsburg University, USA identified three emerging trends. These trends will have a strong impact on the educational industry in the near future.

Big Data combined with data analysis – Trends in pioneering educational technology

Taking advantage of opportunities, analyzing and controlling learners’ behaviors makes it easy for us to find new patterns, learning trends or study groups. Not only that but it opens the door to a profound source of knowledge. What motivates learners, what are their interests? And then find out the appropriate teaching method for each different subject.

Big Data allows the creation of regression models and correlation studies. Data will help find ways of combining learning methods to maximize the experience for learners. Learning Analytics leads to a powerful technology. This technology can both collect information and understand learning activities. The solution designer provides an optimal approach to teaching.

The demand for data security is increasing for Mobile Learning

With the management of large amounts of data, the training department is responsible for protecting these data. In the past, data security responsibilities were often handled by IT departments. However, as the amount of knowledge becomes increasingly valuable and the number of cyber attacks increases, learning professionals are more responsible for data security and security. We need more learning management systems. Pay more attention to the copyright content of online courses. Moreover, students should be advised to protect their own phones or tablets.

Adaptive Learning (or Compatible Learning)

This trend has been present for some time, but so far it has not been focused.

The idea is that the learning system will automatically adapt and change to suit the needs of the learner. It works based on how learners interact with the system. It is never effective for a person to review the knowledge they have learned in an online course. Instead, just give them access to knowledge they don’t already know.

Consumer websites like Amazon have adapted and personalized the content displayed based on user data over the years. Learning systems are pre-evaluated and based on user interaction. Answers and timeout for appropriate content are being developed and implemented. This concept is gradually being included in student learning topics. This helps to optimize the study time, bringing the right amount of knowledge to each subject. Big Data and data analysis make a big contribution to Adaptive Learning.

VioEdu – A product of educational technology application of Vietnamese people, by Vietnamese people, for Vietnamese people

Catch up with the latest educational technology trends, adaptive learning – Adaptive Learning. With 10 years of experience, FPT Corporation has developed VioEdu Online Learning product. VioEdu (ViOlympic Education: is the smart and excellent online learning system for Primary and High School students in Vietnam. The system is based on a solid technology foundation in online education in Vietnam.

VioEdu has a mission to help millions of children learn effectively by applying 4.0 technology. Artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data and Adaptive learning are the three prominent trends today. It will equip students with a solid knowledge base to be ready for international integration.

With these three trends, students can completely control their learning. Moreover, students can develop themselves in the right direction and have consistent results.


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