From March 10, 2020, Live support will be upgraded with a set of powerful features for customer service teams on both website and mobile app.

1. Live support upgrade <>

Users access and select Customer Support to navigate to to start assisting customer.

Live support is a platform that helps customer service assistants manage customers on different channels, such as Facebook Mesenger, Zalo, Viber and Livechat.

1.1. Conversation management

Live support’s interface is very simple and user-friendly. Assistants can manage conversations by 3 criteria that are channel, customer requirements and customer list.

The updated Live support version supports 2 languages: Vietnamese and English to reach a larger customer of FPT.AI Conversation.

To select a language, click the language icon -> Select language.

1.2. Assignment

The customer service team is divided into 2 main groups:

Group 1: Supporter level 1, including bot owner, bot manager and customer service team leader.

Group 2: Supporter level 2, including customer service assistants.

Group 1 can click on the Assign to me button to provide customer support, or click on the Assign button to assign the case to bots and another assistants in group 1 and 2.

Group 2 is responsible for supporting the customers assigned from group 1 and other customers by clicking on the Assign to me button.

Bots will automatically stop responding to customers when assistants take charge of the conversation.

Assistants click on the Mark as Done button to complete support, then the bot is back to the conversation and continues to respond to customers.

1.3. Notes

Notes is a new feature that allows assistants to save customers’ information, such as interests and problems, so that they can easily review them in the future.

Click on Notes button in the upper right corner of the interface, enter the content you want to note -> click Save.

1.4. Internal Chat

Internal chat allows customer service assistants to connect with their colleagues without the need of any 3rd party application directly in Live Support. The team can click on the “Internal chat” button, then select the name of the person they want to talk to.

1.5. KPI Report

KPI (Key Performance Indicator) is an indicator to measure and evaluate the performance of employees. Therefore, KPI reporting is an important feature for the management team.

Bot administrators can monitor the performance and support status of customer service assistants through KPI Reports.

To view the report, click on the settings icon (1), then select KPI Report.

In the KPI report, bot managers can track the information of each assistant who has supported customers on the channel, including the number of times the assistant served and forwarded the conversation to another assistant, total assigned chats, wait time and chat duration.

The bot administrator can view the KPI reports by week, month, or a specific time period.

2. Launch of Messenger – FPT AI

In parallel with upgrading the Live Support, FPT.AI team has launched a mobile application dedicated to online support. As the mobile version is designed to be simple and user-friendly with same features on the web interface, assistants can provide customer support quickly, promptly and professionally.

Currently, the Messenger – FPT AI is available on the App Store and CH Play.

Go to App Store or CH Play, search for FPT AI -> Select Messenger – FPT AI with FPT.AI logo -> click on Receive to installing the application.

Then, open the application, you will see the familiar login interface of FPT ID.

Enter the registered FPT ID account, including email and password to log in to the application.

Click on I Accept button to agree with FPT.AI’s policy.

The mobile interface has the same features on the web interface, including:

(1) Multi-channel chat management, including all channels, such as Facebook and Livechat, which are integrated into the bot.

(2) Customer list

(3) List of customer service team. You can click here to implement internal chat

(4) Log out interface

2.1. Assignment 

Similar to the web interface, Assignment feature in the mobile application version include:

Assign to Me: Assistants can support customers by clicking this button.

Assign To: the Bot Owner, Bot Administrator, and the Customer Support Team Leader click on this button to assign other customer support assistants.

2.2. Notes

To take notes, click on the 3-dot icon -> select Notes.

Enter the text in note (1) then press save (2)

Assistants click on the Mark as Done button to complete support, then the bot is back to the conversation and continues to respond to customers.

The mobile version currently does not have KPI Report, so the bot manager must log in on the web interface to see KPI reports.

3. Q&A in Scenario section

In order to facilitate scenario setup, Q&A has been integrated into the Scenario section, helping bot creators to easily track and control the conversation.

For new chatbots that have not used the previous Q&A feature, bot creators can go to the Scenario section and click on the <Enter QnA> button to create a Q&A chatbot.

For chatbots that have used QnA, bot creators can switch to the new interface by clicking on the <Convert to Scenario> button. Then, the bot creator can go to the Scenario section to edit, add or remove QnA.

4. Copy Step

Copy Step is a new feature that helps bot creators copy the entire format of an existing step into the new step and edit the content in the new step according to the format of the previous step.

Here’s how to use Copy Step:

Step 1: Go to the Scenario Map

Step 2: Select the Step you wish to copy

Step 3: Click on the Copy step icon to copy the data of that step.

Step 4: Click on the Create new step button

Step 5: Enter the name of the new step and paste the data into the step Data section

Step 6: Click Create.

After creating the Copy step, you will have a new step keeping the previous answer format (the answer with the Carousel tab in the illustration), making the bot setup process faster and more convenient. .

Above are what’s new in the recent FPT.AI Conversation upgrade.


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