Aside from popular and familiar applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, Office 365 also includes various other superior features. After 3 years of use, FPTers are growing more and more acquainted with this toolkit and optimizing all functions to improve their work efficiency.

Starting from February 2017, FPT Corporation had deployed the cloud-based technology Microsoft Office 365. With this tool, users are equipped with 50GB mailboxes and can attach file of up to 25MB. The system also offers online conference service for maximum 250 people, as well as allows cloud storage of 1TB. The group and its member companies also regularly host training workshops to instruct users and update the newest functions to this Office toolkit.Outlook is one default software of FPTers. Up til now, the application maintains its leading position in managing contacts, calendars, and emails, playing a crucial role in the work of FPT employees. Mr. Nguyen Manh Linh – FPT Telecom technical staff, had shared: “With cloud storage of attach files, I can update all important matters of my work easily. Further, I highly regard the schedule function on Outlook, as it always issues in-time reminders, helping us to never miss meetings. My personal favorite is the automatic replies and rule set for cloud mail sync, which eliminates all my worries should I be absent at work.”

However, there are still minor inconveniencies in using Outlook. According to Mr. Nguyen Huu Quy – Software Executive at FPT Software, you cannot go back to previous versions of Outlook on Office 365 after updates. While sometimes changes in layout and functions makes it difficult to work. Furtherore, as the service is cloud-based, you cannot use it without the Internet.

According to Ms. Le Minh Phuong – Communications Executive at FPT Software, the most advanced program in Office 365 is OneDrive, with its easily connected and sharing cloud platform. For her, working at the office leads to numerous files having to be stored, and as data on OneDrive can be sync via various platforms, she can track and work with those at any time, from anywhere. However, she will still utilize the Office version first, before syncing to OneDrive. This will be more convenient, seeing that Internet connections are not always available or stable enough for work.

Mr. Duong Le Minh Duc – Business Executive at FHO is also of high opinion regarding Office 365. “Office 365 is very stable and convenient, and I do not plan on changing or substituting it with any other tool. Its sole disadvantage is having to wait for FPT to issue it.”

Microsoft Teams can also be regarded as the most outstanding app in Office 365, providing a mutual space for all necessary conversations, contents, and tools for teamwork. With it, work can be solved at best efficiency, easily, and effective, reducing the time needed for every task.

For Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Trang – Communications Executive at FPT IS, Office 365 is a crucial part in her everyday job, especially during the complicated development of the COVID-19 outbreak. “The tool allows a large storage and stable teleconference function, thus efficient for working online, reducing the need for close contact while preventing the spread of this pandemic,” she said.

As a long-time user of Microsoft Office, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Dat – Technical Executive at FPT Software had shared: “Before I only knew of Word and Excel, but after much exploring, I am now basically a Microsoft ‘fanboy’. With the lesser-known PowerBI app, data are processed automatically into reports, so making reports for me are now super easy and fast, saving time while improving my work efficiency.”

It can be said that Office 365 comprises of the best tools for today’s working style. With its leading applications like Excel and Outlook in combination with strong cloud services like OneDrive and Microsoft Teams, Office 365 will help people to create and share from anywhere, on any device.

FPT IS was the first to utilize Office 365, followed by FPT Trading, FPT Retail, and FPT Software. At the moment, FPT as the whole is continuing to work “on cloud” effective, while constantly improving its operations to be more modern and intelligent.

Office 365 is a subscription service with the newest Office version. It is not only a web-based online version of Office, but also integrates various other applications from Microsoft like Exchange Online, Sharepoint, Skype, Yammer, and so on. Working on Microsoft’s cloud platform, Office 365 is ensured with uninterrupted operation 99.99% of the time.

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