After nearly 8 months in operation, the Japanese-Vietnamese translation software (Akaminds Machine Translation – AMT) which was developed by engineers of FPT Software, has been registered for 161 projects, with the number of users reached 2.310.

Facing with the situation that there is a huge amount of documents need to be translated amongst Japanese market’s large projects while the comtor supply of FPT Software is limited, Mr. Hung along with Mr. Hoan, has created the intelligent translation system Akaminds Machine Translation (AMT) based on Artificial Intelligence (Al) and Neutral Network technology with 4 functions: Translating sentences, translating documents, managing users and projects.

The translation system assisting in translating Japanese-Vietnamese sentences is similar to Google Translate. Via the interface “chatbot” of Workplace, AMT assists in translating text file presented under those formats: pptx, docx, xlsx, html… with the file capacity possibly reach 50 MB. Besides, the system ensures to remain the content format even in other types of file Office with 2007 version or over.

Mr. Hung – the creator, shared: “The efficiency that AMT brought in has quickly spread in projects in Japanese market. Thanks to the simplification in the registration process of utilization, projects now are rapidly approaching and applying AMT in themselves”.

In 2018, AMT successfully translated 100 million words, winning the Golden award in the competition “iKhiến” 10. To date, the number of words that is correctly translated has reached 203 million words, 25-30 million words is newly updated on this software each month. From that point, AMT contributed to advance 30% in the translation productivity of FPT Software.

Vo Thanh Liem (FGA.ECU), after using the trial version, said: “One advantage of ATM is having a more precise translation comparing to Google and it also includes the outlook which benefits those who frequently trade with customers”. Nevertheless, Mr. Liem pointed out some drawbacks that happen when you have to log in everytime you want to translate something as well as the low speed of translation.

Spotting obvious advantages using AMT, Le Thi Yen (FGC.HN5) makes use of it in her everyday comtor job. “Using AMT helps to improve the efficiency in translating Japanese-Vietnamese documents. Since AMT utilizes the translation memory extracting from MMQ tool that comtor are currently using, it appears to be parallel in the translation style. Moreover, this tool also helps comtor and programmer to directly manage in some urgent cases”, Ms. Yen said.

Mr. Yen said that 5.600 Japanese words is the total number that she and other comtor, each one, has to translate everyday. The translation speed is about 700 words per hour. “It takes tens of minutes for AMT to translate all of these words, after that, however, to make sure that AMT worked perfectly, comtor will recheck the whole translation one more time”, Le Thi Lien shared.

The comtor of Software house evaluates the translation via AMT will shorten half of their working time or even more, depends on the complexity of documents. As a result, there is a considerable increase in the everyday translated words of comtor, which also help to improve productivity in projects.

The group of authors reported AMT is still in progress of constantly innovating, completing and advancing translation standard. Up to now, AMT has updated 3 times, version 1.2 at present. Advancements of AMT include: Vietnamese-Japanese translation version is available now, besides Japanese-Vietnamese version; Added Ad-in on the outlook so that users will be able to directly translate their email; Added database, analyze and advance translation standard; Finding and building other word couples.

AMT is not only used for Japanese market projects of FPT Software but is also extending further. On September 2018, AMT has been shared with Software Association and Vietnam IT Service (VINASA) to freely used the community version. Until now, there are more than 40 businesses who have registered a trial account and they are continuously using AMT.

In parallel with the community version, the group of authors told that there are 2 Japanese companies and 2 Vietnamese companies wish to buy this product’s service after the trial. Not only AMT itself but the project group are also heading towards a more comprehensive method to resolve the problem of language transformation for both domestic and international customers in this era of global integration.

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