This is a comment of an FPT parent who recently purchased a children’s course on an exclusive promotion of the VioEdu Educational System for FPT people from October 10-31. Not only bringing progress and excitement to their children while studying, VioEdu also helps parents better understand their children’s learning situation through the report of academic results sent to the phone and 30 minutes every day to study with the child.

Special promotion program for FPT people from October 10-31, 2019.

Ms. Nguyen Trang (FPT HO) whose child is in grade 4 of Giang Vo Primary School shared her anxiety because when her child reached the final years of elementary school, the teacher commented that his grandchildren were weaker at maths so she wanted to find extra classes or tutors for her to supplement this subject. Fortunately, FPT Corporation has recently launched an online education system and has a promotion program for FPT families. According to her research, she knows VioEdu’s knowledge of special attention to Math – exactly the subject that her child needs so she did not hesitate to register. “It turns out that studying is cheap, about 400 thousand VND, only less than a month to study another subject”.

Nhat Anh, a third-grade student at Huynh Van Tao Primary School, has shown remarkable progress after a month of studying with VioEdu. Mr. Hoang (FSC – SG) – Nhat Anh’s parents share this joy: “Every day I monitor the report of his academic results sent to the phone, seeing my child’s clear progress is very enjoying. I use the system at school, I heard the teacher say that I have been volunteering lately”.

Ms. Vu Thi Thom, an employee of FPT Telecom Hanoi, whose children are in grade 1 of Tran Phu Primary School shared that although she cannot read, she is very excited about learning on the system: “My baby is in grade 1. She doesn’t know how to read, so I sat next to him every night, I let him sit and work for 30 minutes, letting him get used to the computer. The system has a section of reading questions, funny pictures, learning with VioEdu, my child are very interested, very studious and excited”.

In order to help students learn more effectively, VioEdu applies the most advanced technologies available today: Artificial Intelligence, BigData, modeling knowledge based on graphs, etc. training for each student, the system will indicate their strengths and weaknesses, thereby building a separate learning path suitable for each student, helping them to overcome knowledge gaps and promote strong knowledge, so that the parents know what their children are weak at. As Ms. Pham Thi Thuy Ngoc, (FPT High School) shared: “This time I am on business trip so I cannot study with my children but I feel very comfortable because the system has sent a weekly email report on the situation of children. I asked her for more details about the parts I did not understand and asked the teacher for further instructions”.

Share of parents about VioEdu online learning system.

VioEdu is an Edtech platform for students from elementary to high school, the content is built according to the curriculum distribution framework of the Ministry of Education and Training. The system is the result of research and development by a team of experts from FPT Technology Board and a team of excellent teachers and leading educational experts in Vietnam.

VioEdu has a vision and mission to help millions of Vietnamese children learn more effectively, through the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, equipping students with a solid knowledge base to be ready for integration. In addition, in order for the F family to have the opportunity to experience the best products made by FPT themselves at a “family” price, VioEdu for the first time brings an exclusive privilege to FPT people when buying a learning package for your children on VioEdu online education system. Accordingly, the exclusive discount is from VND 960,000 to VND 360,000/account/year, equivalent to the price of only VND 30,000/month for using the product. With only 4 days left, the promotion is coming to an end, FPT employees should quickly register to receive the offer by visiting HERE, filling in the FPT email and the promotion code will be sent to employees’ emails immediately. The promotion code is unique to an account and is transferable.

When buying a package on the website, please follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for a new account
  2. Choose a one-year study package
  3. Enter the promotion code sent to your FPT mail and make payment.


Staff can also refer to Account Registration Instructions and Course Buying Instructions

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