Printing Notice/Report in Excel form for SAP

Up till now, ABAP programmers of the SAP system (ABAPers) usually use OLE/DOI methods to export data to excel in a predefined format or use SMARTFORM/ADOBE form to design new notice forms. Though these methods are quite flexible, ABAPers are still likely to encounter some difficulties:
  • OLE/DOI requires workstations to install Microsoft Excel, therefore, it is impossible for this method to export excel files in background mode.
  • OLE/DOI exports excel with low performance.
  • ABAPers need a lot of programming to export excel by OLE/DOI, and each ABAPer will program in different ways as well. This takes tremendous effort and still can not be reused.
  • SMARTFORM/ADOBE Form does not allow exporting data in Chart form or into desirable excel formats (multiple sheets).
Thus, I would like to recommend to the ABAPers a new tool developed by some of the world ABAPers, which helps ABAPers to programme excel exporting features more efficiently and quickly. That tool is called XLSX Workbench.
XLSX Workbench is a tool supporting excel designs in the SAP environment. It is easy to learn and use because of the intuitive form design approach (even easier than designs by SMARTFORM). With this intuitive design approach, this tool hardly requires designers to have knowledge of ABAP. Despite its simplicity, XLSX Workbench still proves to be a powerful and flexible tool to programme both simple and complex forms including images, Chart, Hierachy and other special excel formats. Also, it allows exporting excel with high performance and does not require workstation to install Microsoft Excel, which means it is possible to export excel file in background mode. The exported file is in the new Excel format “XLSX”.
To ultilise this tool, ABAPers need to implement the following road map:
  • Establish CONTEXT: Context is the data source XLSX Workbench use to fill data into the excel form.

    In form

    designing, Context exists in either Structure or Table Type. In exporting programs, Context is commonly Work Area or Internal table.
  • Design form: Call transaction code ZXLWB_WORKBENCH to design form in


  • Programme exporting program: Call Function Module ZXLWB_CALLFORM to export excel form.
To install the tool, follow the instructions from this link:
Here are some illustrations for Excel design functions and Excel forms that can be exported.
Initial screen
Workbench design
Export with picture
Export with Chart
Follow the link for more detailed information.
Tran Anh Tu – FPT IS HN


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