Because customer journey is dynamic, accessible and continuous, today’s customers increasingly expect a seamless, integrated, consistent and personalized experience from their service providers whose models are currently transforming from multichannel to omnichannel models – with their multiple silos of customer contacts – and thereby virtually impossible to manage. With that being said, a fully integrated approach to these new customer requirements should be both customer-driven and omnichannel in nature.

ANTS is a leading data-driven, integrated and multichannel programmatic marketing platform in Southeast Asia. ANTS’s solutions provide a unique Software as a Service (SaaS) platform by combining Demand Side Platform and Supply Side Platform containing Data Management Platform (DMP), Customer Data Platform (CDP) and Extraordinary Insight Engine.

ANTS Programmatic One (P1) Platform – multichannel programmatic ad-buying solution

According to IAB report of 2015, 71% of the advertisers in the advertising ecosystem now recognize the knowledge of programmatic as one of the most crucial capabilities that agencies & brands will need to possess by 2020.

ANTS Programmatic One (P1) Platform – Multichannel Audience Buying.

ANTS P1 – Demand-side Platform Integrated Data Management Platform is a multichannel programmatic ad-buying solution that helps you determine the best mix of search, display, social and email ads based on your budget. It also automates the execution of your media plan and helps you find the best approach to deliver relevant content to your high-value audiences. Thanks to ANTS P1 Platform, high-performance advertising of tomorrow’s technology is here, today.

ANTS Customer Data Platform in Omnichannel Programmatic and Online 2 Offline Solution

For years, marketers have been seeking a solution to determine whether the visits to the website and to the physical store are of the same prospect. According to Gartner, “a customer data platform is an integrated customer database managed by marketers that unifies a company’s customer data from online and offline channels to enable modeling and drive customer experience.” Marketers are seeing the next phase of what Gartner says that is the “marketing hub” interconnected systems or “stacks” where all the different signals from current and potential customers come together to provide the so-called 360-degree customer view.

Marketing leaders are embracing omnichannel advertising to create connected experiences that drive better results. How? By using programmatic approaches to make data-driven media buying decisions. A programmatic mindset serves as a foundational layer to accompany omnichannel programmatic advertising. However, to transform multichannel media strategies into omnichannel ones, B2C marketers must understand and overcome internal and external complexities that stand in the way of omnichannel media buying.

ANTS Insight – Customer Data Platform.

ANTS Programmatic approaches solve the challenges that marketers face today in arranging omnichannel digital media buys by:

  • Creating digital customer identities for better addressability;
  • Delivering personalized and in-the-moment advertisements;
  • Automating access to inventory for smarter ad delivery;
  • Tracking and optimizing to specify path-to-purchase scenarios.
ANTS Omnichannel Programmatic Integrated Customer Data Platform.

ANTS Omnichannel Programmatic is a solution for combining multi-source data, omni channel media and machine learning into one single programmatic platform and in real-time:

  • Workflow efficiency – A single workflow to minimize the time spent learning, navigating and operating on multiple platforms.
  • Performance improvements – Unified budget management, regardless of channel, ensures every dollar is worth toward your primary goals.
  • Improved customer experience – Manage across the customer lifecycle in a unified way to serve for a better consumer experience.
  • Data management platform – Onboard, segment, understand and activate your audiences in real-time.
  • Customer data platform – Access the most powerful and predictive audiences to power one-to-one conversations.

The future of Omnichannel media buying is Omnichannel Programmatic. It’s a great time to be a data-driven marketer and organization!

ANTS was founded in 2014 with the mission of unleashing the full economic potential of digital business companies. ANTS’s platform has access to over 50 billion impressions and reaches over 250 million unique online visitors and 200 million mobile internet users per month in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

About the author:

Dinh Le Dat – Founder and CEO, ANTS

With 15-year experience in the industry of digital and technology development, Mr. Dinh Le Dat has been taken over many key positions before starting ANTS PROGRAMMATIC in 2014. With the BIG vision of “changing advertising”, he has been keeping ANTS best environment for whom having passion for tech and in ads.

 (Published on the FPT Technology Magazine, FPT TechInsight No.2)

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