Rekomendo is a convenient service Recommendation system that helps users make quick optimized selection in products and service, researched and developed by FPT Software.

In this age of digital transformation, FPT Software had introduced Rekomendo for the optimization of procedures in services and shopping for customers, in general building an online digital life. Introducing about the product, Ms. Pham Thi Phuong, a project team member had said: “Imagine a beautiful day where you open your computer, browse through websites without knowing what to view, to eat, or to buy, sick and exhausted among myriads of choices. With Rekomendo – These burdens shall be gone, as the system understand you like no one else, making suggestions on all pondering questions you have in your head.”

Vietnam at the moment has a crucial need for Recommendation systems, for keeping customer loyalty and increasing revenue among most fields. The accuracy of these systems however, are generally inadequate, and as such, the birth of Rekomendo is necessary.

Rekomendo project team.

Rekomendo is a product that provides personalized solutions, understands customers, and makes clever recommendations, thus reduces searching time when finding purchase. With its training and learning of customer behavior, the Recommendation system can suggest the most suitable, demand-meeting products to respective users.

The idea to such system has been in the mind of the project team for quite a while, yet it is not until May 2019 did it officially came to deployment. Due the constant changing nature of technology and algorithm, the research had demand heavy effort and understanding, before finally delivering new and updated features.

Regarding operations, the project team first gathers data on user behavior, then filters those using algorithms before making suitable recommendations to users. To reach the current results, the team had tested and researched various algorithms before ending up with the most optimized one for the Recommendation system, the Recommendation service system, and publishment of API platforms for providers. These procedures are easy for performance, with high security for the product’s codes.

According to Ms. Phuong, the team is well experienced via years of building the Recommendation system for Direct TV – FPT Software’s highly competitive product in media and TV. One of Rekomendo major advantages is easy customization for different fields, from media and TV, finance and banking to education, healthcare, and so on.

At the moment, Rekomendo is being integrated in FPT Telecom’s TV Box. The project team is also expecting feedbacks on customer experience for further feature and product improvements.

In the close future, the team is planning to build a separate, comprehensive product that covers data enrichment, data gathering, as well as recommendation. Currently, Rekomendo is expected to support users through fields like media, finance and banking, education, healthcare…

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