What is Scrum?

Agile does not define any specific methods to achieving these, but rather includes various distinctive software development methods that caters to existing standards. Among those, Scrum is the most popular framework due to its easy application.

Scrum divides large services and products into small “batches” that can be finished in a shorter time frame. Individual Scrum groups will then check each product “batch” upon completion, and adjust following plans accordingly – based on the review process and response that may help reduce risks and waste (of human resource, time, cost…). The deployment of each batch in a definite time period allows the project to response quickly, improve constantly, adapt to changes, increase team spirit, and allow quick hand-over.

Following is a list of materials for those that are interested in self-learning about Scrum.

List of Material:

Sharing from Mr. Tran Duy Tien (FPT IS) – Author of the title “Definitions and core values of Agile – Scrum

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