AI, or Artificial Intelligence is very much a hot topic among the public. According to experts, this is the prime time for businesses to make their break using this technology. Hosted by FUNiX in partnership with FPT Software’s AI Committee, the Seminar “AI applications in digital transformation” is to be hosted on September 29, 2019. This will be a great opportunity to learn about career potentials and opportunities in this rising field.

Seminar “AI applications in digital transformation”, hosted by FUNiX in partnership with FPT Software’s AI Committee.

In the strong growth of the AI industry, many experts around the world has admitted the huge future impact of AI on the work force, company structure, working time and environment, as well as forms and labor relationships. This shall lay the foundation for AI to change work from its very base.

According to TopDev’s recently announced report on the Vietnamese IT market and workforce, AI engineers can earn an annual wage of up to 22,000 USD, highest among other jobs in the field. Yet, there is a lack of 70,000 – 90,000 in IT workforce in 2019, based on total demand over 350,000 people through the market.

Faced with the crave for workforce and ground-breakings from AI, the questions are: What do we need to know? What should we do next? How to grasp opportunities during this time? To get answers to such questions, let’s listen and discuss at Seminar “AI applications in digital transformation”, hosted by FUNiX in partnership with FPT Software’s AI Committee on the upcoming September 29.

The seminar will welcome guest speaker Tran Nguyen Dang Khoa, Solution Architect at FPT Software, who will disclose about future impacts of AI on life as well as industries. There will also be practical exercises where attendees can build chatbots using FPT.AI and and identify a flower with this technology.

Mr. Tran Nguyen Dang Khoa had attained a programming diploma since high school, and has now become an IT expert with years of experience in researching and developing new technologies like Cloud, IoT, Big Data, SMAC, as well as others on the worldwide IT market.

The representatives of FUNiX – Mr. Nguyen Thanh Lam, the previous CEO of FPT Software, Head of FUNiX HCM, Ms. Le Minh Duc – CCO of FUNix, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Huyen – Head of xSeries Center (specializes in “hot tech” like Data Science, Machine Learning, Blockchain, IoT, Automotive), will all join for discussion at the seminar.

They will also share about learning and working opportunities from FUNiX high technology courses, as well as the school’s connection policies with businesses nationwide.

  • Content:
  1. History of AI.
  2. AI application in life & industry.
  3. Practical experience: Build your own chatbot – Converse with robot & Flower identification.
  4. Q&A.
  • Target audience: All those who are interested in AI and IT.
  • Guest speaker: Mr. Tran Nguyen Dang Khoa – Solution Architect at FPT Software HCM
  • Time: 09h00 – 11h30 Sunday, September 29, 2019.
  • Location: Son Doong Room, FPT Software HCM – D1 Road, High Technology Area, Tan Phu, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Registration link:

Seminar AI applications in digital transformation”

Source: Funix

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