The TechDay 2019 took place on November 21, 2019 at the National Convention Center which received high appreciation for both expertise and organization. After the Technology Conference, documents from the topics of 8 speakers on pioneering technologies such as AI, Blockchain, self-driving car technology, IoT … will be shared with the community.

Details of the speakers’ sharing:

  • TRANSFORMING FINANCE INDUSTRY WITH AI (Mr. Anish Pandey – Industry Vertical Director – Nvidia).
  • Age of VUI and Ecosystem FPT Play Rogo (Mr. Duc Le – Project Director of FPT Playbox and Mr. Le Ngoc Tuan – IoT product manager of FPT Corp).
  • AI – enabled eKYC (Mr. Dang Hoang Vu – FPT).
  • Why ZCP (Cloud Z Container Platform) is the platform for enterprises, What & How?
  • Practical Application of Blockchain, not just Crypto Currency? (Mr. Trần Hoàng Giang – Project Manager of FPT Software)
  • FPT Open Communities (Mr. Le Hong Viet – FPT Corporation’s CTO)
  • Automated Driving Challenges (Mr. Nguyen Duc Kinh – Director of FPT Global Automotive (FGA) and Deputy General Director of FPT Software).

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