Controlling the situation and managing the hotel anytime, anywhere, “at hand” on mobile devices is the experience that FPT.iHotel is orientated for the hotel management software 4.0.

5-star standard, ‘open’ system

FPT.iHotel is hotel management software that is researched and implemented by FPT Information System. The system helps manage all the overall activities in the hotel, bringing modernity, efficiency and sustainability that have been applied in many 5-star hotels and resorts.

From international experience of leading experts with over 20 years of hospitality consultancy, IT professionals currently deploying government IT systems, multi-industry enterprises, FPT.iHotel is developed according to 5-star hotel standard with the ability to customize according to the specific business characteristics of each country. Besides, FPT.iHotel is compatible with all current systems and future technology platforms, optimizing hotel management capacity.

Hotel Administration 4.0: On-premise or Cloud?

Keeping up with the wave of revolution 4.0 and choosing a hotel management solution that is suitable for the scale and operation is the concern of many investors and hotel owners. FPT Information System has brought answers to this question. FPT Information System’s solutions can be suitable for both multi-star hotels and lower investment hotels. FPT can also combine with IBM hardware to support hotels, depending on customer needs. FPT Information System offers two solutions:

iHotel On-Premise: Suitable for use with hotels with a relatively large number of rooms and complex management process in accordance with international standards with a fully separated, well-separated system. At the same time these hotels need to record statistics details.

This system has full functions to manage details of hotel activities; Comply with the 5-star standard process of detailed record information and a diverse reporting system and be able to edit and modify according to hotel specific requirements.

iHotel On-Cloud: Currently used for hotels with a relatively small number of rooms, with a basic management process and a small number of personnel and concurrently holding many positions. With functions serving basic processes; friendly interface and easy to understand; In particular, there are no specific editing requirements.

Each product iHotel On-Premise or iHotel On-Cloud has its own advantages and disadvantages, suitable for many different sizes and standards of the hotel so the hotel owner can choose flexibly based on the current status and actual management needs at each hotel.

Especially, FPT.iHotel has the ability to interface with systems such as: Telephone exchange (PABX); Key card (Key Card); IPTV system; Payment Online system (OnePay, VNPay, MoMo …); Face ID face detection system; Channel Manager (Siteminder, Rate Tiger) …

FPT.iHotel Hotel Management software application system consists of many modules (modules) that manage different specialized sections.

With FPT.iHotel hotel management solution, from Leadership, Business, Accounting, Chamber or Reception, can easily access and manage information with minimum speed to maximize performance. manage and handle tasks, save resources, focus on offering better care for customers.

FPT.iHotel helps hotel owners manage costs closely; control employee productivity; flexible software integration, easy hardware: magnetic card, fingerprint …; bring international 5-star hotel process; Besides, the system also supports decision making; flexible price management and room with Mobility technology; exchange information with customers full-time to provide 24/7 service quality.

In addition to the global 5-star hotel management architecture, FPT.iHotel’s ‘open system’ model is ready to be compatible and customized with the existing hotel management system according to each country. FPT.iHotel’s openness in software technology also flexibly develops with future technology platforms with the highest security standards. The multidimensional reporting system provides instant data and predictive indicators to help managers make appropriate decisions on business direction and strategy for their hotels. With technical support team and knowledgeable technology experts, available 24/7 in more than 33 countries where FPT is present and globally, FPT.iHotel is ready to match with you for digital transformation in hotel management.

Actual implementation

The application of technology to the hospitality industry is growing. Catching up with this trend, Saigon Tourist Corporation (Saigon Tourist) has started to deploy FIS hotel management software FPT.iHotel. Saigon Tourist is a leading enterprise in the field of tourism and hospitality, cooperating with more than 200 international travel service companies of more than 30 countries. FPT Information System deployed for a chain of more than 100 saigontourist hotels nationwide.

The application of FPT.iHotel has helped this enterprise save time for checking in (5 minutes) and check out (5 minutes). In addition, the Corporation can inspect and supervise the operation of member hotels. At the same time, provide complete and detailed customer information, provide statistical reports, synthesize, compare, forecast accurately and instantly the operation of hotels. Diversified connectivity helps to support and increase work efficiency, reduce errors in data entry.

Ton That Hoang – Phuong Thao

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