If customers own applications in the system that require physical servers, can they migrate the entire system to a cloud environment? This request can now be easily resolved with AWS’s upcoming EC2 Bare Metal service. With this service, customers can install applications that require special hypervisors or need direct access to hardware resources on the cloud environment and can also take advantage of other AWS services.

Kicking off the year 2018, Solution Forum #18 with the topic of “AWS new launches after Re:Invent & FPT Software’s opportunities” taking place on January 19th will focus on AWS new launches as well as their latest updates on previous ones. These services will be the main topic of discussion, with the aim to update the latest knowledge of AWS for FSofters so as to meet the increasingly diverse needs of our customers and enhance our AWS capabilities.

The event will well the participation of 2 special guests, 2 speakers including Mr. Nguyen Xuan An (Solution Architect) and Mr. Phan Hai Trung (Solution Architect) from Solution Technology Unit.

Attending the program, participants will have opportunities to capture applicable AWS new launches for FPT Software projects and discuss FPT Software’s opportunities after AWS Re: Invent service.

The contents consist of core parts as following:

  • Highlighted new services in domains of Compute, DB/Storage, Application Service, Machine Learning.
  • 2 use case: Container; Serverless
  • Open discussion.

Please follow the event through livestream via Workplace of Solution Forum at 3:00 pm on January 19th, 2018.

Solution Forum #18: Software in Vietnam Automotive Industry


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