After the key industries of the economy such as electricity, petroleum, construction, food, wood … FPT IS set a new milestone in its capacity profile when successfully operating the ERP system for Thien Hoa – an enterprise specialized in the field of electronics and furniture.

Thien Nam Hoa (shortened name: Thien Hoa) is probably no longer a strange name in the field of electronics retail in the South area. This is one of the first electronics companies coming out in the scene of early market. (2001).

Recognize the spreading development of technology in general and electronics/ household appliances industry specifically, Thien Hoa has 12 systems in Ho Chi Minh City and Binh Duong so far, becoming the familiar brand of domestic users. The six key sectors of the business include Electronics, Refrigeration, Household Appliances, Information Technology – Digital, Telecommunications – Office Equipment, Luxury Furniture, with more than 80,000 genuine products of the leading brands in the world.

The increase in the number of stores, products and staff size and changes in modern governance has led the Thien Hoa Board of Directors to decide to invest in a more advanced corporate governance system in order to replace the old software built on the Foxpro platform. This innovation will motivate the internal growth as well as the development trend of the industry.

The SAP ERP system has been selected by Thien Hoa as the overall resource management tool for enterprises and FPT IS is the company that Thien Hoa’s board of directors honorably chooses to implement this project. In early November 2016, the project was officially launched by both sides with many expectations and challenges.

FPT IS is the consultant and implementer of SAP solution system for retail and iVend – Cityxys Point of Sale; Apply for the whole corporation and more than 10 sales centers/warehouses in Ho Chi Minh City and Binh Duong of Thien Hoa.

The system consists of 14 modules, divided into 5 phases and includes most of the operations such as Sales, Purchasing, Warehouse Management, Maintenance Warranty, Delivery, Finance, Accounting, Reports for serving Leaders. In this project, the ERP system is integrated with iVend software. In addition to its retail POS management capabilities, iVend also features in some areas such as online shopping (eCommerce), integrated Loyalty, Promotions and Coupons, inventory management (Single Stock Pool)…

At the launching ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Quang Hoa – General Director of Thien Nam Hoa Trading and Service Co., Ltd shared that Thien Hoa has deployed much software in the past but there is no consistency and just do the management in some private sectors (personnel, warehouses, shops…). From that fact, Thien Hoa has trusted and invested in the ERP system to manage the enterprise resources in a more effective way. Thien Hoa’s leaders are also determined to successfully implement the project with a declaration of willingness to close the sale on the National Day (September 2nd), although this is the peak selling opportunity of Thien Hoa to ensure the “golive” on schedule. At the same time, instead of that, they will spend the best resources of Thien Hoa for the project.

Ms. To Thanh Nhan – Project Manager at FPT IS said that the integration of iVend POS into ERP and specific requirements for retail industry posed many challenges during the implementation process. To boost the SAP ERP system into operation as planned, FPT IS project team frequently onsite at customer’s area at User’s education (Key User), System Testing (UAT), and Operation (Golive) period. During the peak period, for more than 2 months, the project team had to be onsite at all store of Thien Hoa system with about 30 members continuously staying and accompanying with customers to solve every minor incident.

Overcoming all difficulties and challenges, the first day of October 2017, SAP ERP system was officially put into operation in Thien Hoa. This project helps the company successfully build the SAP ERP system for the large-scale retail industry; connect all processes from entry, sales, after-sales, warranty…

On top of that, Thien Hoa leaders can also view business reports of all stores at any time; get a more accurate and general view of important data on revenue, sales, debt, accounting, and especially reporting data; minimize financial risk through planning tools, control and make decision timely to serve the Board of Management. At the same time, the system also contributes to improving the operational process, helping businesses reduce costs, take maximum advantage of available resources.

This success has been contributed by the efforts from the two parties as well as the determination to boost the “ERP ship” to operate in accordance with the schedule of the Board of Management and FPT IS.

Thus, after the key industries of the economy such as electricity, petroleum, construction, food, wood … FPT IS has set a further step in the profile of its capacity when successfully deploying SAP ERP for retail business. The project has made FPT IS more diversified in terms of experience and enhancing the capacity of implementing ERP for each different industry and each sector, meeting the strict requirements of domestic enterprises. In the near future, these retail systems are likely to be expanded to other countries outside of Vietnam, as has been done with United Paints Group, Myanmar’s leading paint group.

Thien Binh – FPT IS
According ERP & Enterprise – No. 26

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