Synnex FPT focuses on digital transformation to increase business efficiency


Synnex FPT is currently a major distributor of IT-Telecom products in Vietnam, a distribution partner of more than 40 reputable technology brands in the world and has a distribution network covering 63 provinces and cities nationwide. Through a year of transformation, with sustained efforts, Synnex FPT has implemented digital transformation on distribution and logistics systems to optimize operation processes, increase production and business efficiency.

Synnex FPT from the first days

Looking back at the context of nearly 30 years ago, when Vietnam Information Technology (IT) market started to prosper, FPT was one of the leading enterprises in importing IT equipment. FPT products have become legendary with the “FPT goods” catchphrase to distinguish it from the foreign goods on the market.

After 10 years of operation, IT Service Center (FSC) has grown into company size and established branches in Da Nang and Can Tho. In 2009, the merchant family unified 3 brothers (informatics, telecommunications, and retail products) to share a house under the new “luxurious” name rather than FPT Trading – FTG.

In 2012, the retail segment focused on developing the FPT shop brand under the group. FTG focuses on IT products, telecommunications products, computer and phone branding of FPT.

In September 2017, FPT signed an investment cooperation agreement with Synnex, FTG was renamed Synnex FPT. Synnex FPT is now a major distributor of IT-Telecom products in Vietnam, with a tradition of distribution over 20 years, is a distribution partner of more than 40 prestigious technology brands worldwide and is a distribution network covering 63 provinces and cities nationwide. Through this system, partners’ technology products which are world-famous technology brands are brought to Vietnamese consumers most quickly.

Step by step troubleshoot difficulties

At Synnex FPT, before being digitized, the operation process is mostly done manually, not in real time. For example, when you want to check the delivery status during travel, the person who needs the information must phone/email a lot of people, through many stages.

With constant efforts, Synnex FPT has implemented digital transformation on distribution and logistics systems to optimize operation processes, increase production and business efficiency.

Building the 2nd generation Synnex FPT information system

The 2nd generation Information system Synnex FPT has been started, using the latest technology/architecture, providing internal services (Insight system) and customers (ESD system).

Insight is oriented as a multi-module and management system that integrates the majority of Synnex FPT’s existing information systems so that users do not have to log in and operate on multiple systems. At the same time information between the modules is connected and inherited, users benefit from the exploitation and use of information as well as not having to repeat operations at the processing stages. The existing modules of Insight system are available and put into use, including Product Management, Sales Price List (PIM); Customer management; Supplier management; Contract management with carriers.

Besides, there are modules that are in the process of being built/ready to be put into use: Managing partner guarantees; Production management (of the eLead factory); Customer debt management. In the near future, the modules on the Sales Program; Vendor AR management; Managing and approving marketing reports; Sales Manager; Order management will be integrated.

ESD system is an online ordering system that allows customers to place orders directly on the system (currently only applied to Microsoft product license order). From the order of the customer on the ESD system, it will be automatically pushed to Synnex FPT’s internal sales system and then directly connected to Microsoft’s sales system to order and get the key to returning the email to the customer.

That is, customers can take the initiative in ordering products without working through the business staff of Synnex FPT.

Building services and systems for customers

Starting with the need to administer when FSC (FPT Service) merged with FTG, now Synnex FPT and from the fact that the old warehouse management system lacks many features, processes have many limitations, causing many obstacles to the operational process, Synnex FPT has connected the FSC website (FPT Service) with the FSM warranty system (FPT Service Management), allowing customers to check the repair status and keep track of information about their device. Customers only need to enter the number of the repair card, the system will display the search information: Customer, device status, expected date of repairment,…

FSM repair management system is developed based on the technologies of ASP.NET/SQL Server and SQL Server Replication, which brings many preeminent features such as computerizing the entire repair and deployment process of enterprises and FPT Services on software; eliminating most stages of using hard copies and email in the process of work to help save costs; Capable of reporting, alerting repair activities through a system of in-depth reports.

With the features of this system, the unit can easily manage all repair services (warranty & service) of FPT Services, administrating activities of deploying information services on the system, controlling all warehouse operations, collecting money on the system and monitoring all authorized service center operations.

Continuously improve systems and automate processes to reduce processing time and effort

Synnex FPT also implements automatic and decentralized debt review, automatic billing and automatic synchronization of orders on the Salesman FTG system, greatly reducing the processing time of the Debt Accounting Department.

Typically, there is a purchase management system ePO belonging to the development group of Mr. Dao Ngoc Anh, Software Manager, FPT Trading. ePO undertakes purchasing activities from the time of purchase request to the approval process on the system, then records information, logistics… the units are decentralized, coordinated to work effectively; saving 40 people a month by automating the process, eliminating waiting time.

The ePO system helps computerize the purchasing process at Synnex FPT.

In addition to internal implementation, Synnex FPT has also linked payment of import duties and customs fees of the ePO system to Vietinbank, allowing bank accountants to push information on paying taxes/customs fees according to declarations from the ePO system to Vietinbank. EPO then automatically updates the tax status according to Vietinbank’s return information, and automatically updates the shipment status to the processing stage of the Import and Export department. From tax payment data, ePO automatically pushes information to create receipts on Oracle instead of having to create it manually as before.

In addition, logistics processes are also significantly improved through the deployment of a delivery management system, connected to the transport unit (Kerry); help related departments to check the delivery status at all times, control the overall status of many orders, provide accurate, complete and detailed figures quickly. At the same time, it is possible to track the delivery time, perform the storage of order processing time, thereby tracking the detailed timelines in the process of handling and shipping and replacing the Excel operations and searching for information in many different systems.

Upgrade information technology infrastructure

Recently, Synnex FPT also deployed Tele-present and Video Conference on the basis of Cisco equipment for meeting rooms on the third and sixth floor in Hanoi, London and Seul rooms in Ho Chi Minh. It brings many benefits for meeting: Helping the meeting work better; The picture is clear; True sound quality; Reduce travel costs and time for leaders not only internally, but also meet with Taiwan Synnex and other Synnex member companies scattered around.

Newly added features include:

Smart meeting: Powerful, built-in camera provides smart viewing capabilities, such as auto-framing and speaker monitoring; Automatic noise reduction.

Smart presentation: Supports up to three screens, wireless sharing and 4k content to create great presentations. The presentation of Slide reports is clear and simple for users to view the slides when meeting.

Smart integration: Number of people counting application index and resource allocation; Tight integration with the screen to enhance user interaction; APIs and macros allow personalization with meetings.

Building a reporting system

Synnex FPT has successfully built a system of management reports and financial reporting systems (Income Statement, Balance Sheet report). The management reporting system provides general information and specific data on sales, inventory, liabilities, revenue, costs… of the company. The financial reporting system helps to automatically retrieve data from the system for reporting; automating the checking and comparison of errors in data; systematically store sent reports.

The reporting system helps to make decisions on the management and operation of enterprises quickly and accurately; At the same time, it helps us to effectively use capital and enterprise resources.

Mr. Mathew Miau – President of Synnex Technology International and Mr. Truong Gia Binh – FPT Chairman and Board of Directors of Synnex FPT at the celebration.

At the anniversary of the 1-year cooperation between Synnex and FPT, FPT Chairman Truong Gia Binh shared that FPT is pioneering in a digital transformation in Vietnam, taking data as the focus for enterprise 4.0. In the future, FPT Chairman believes that Synnex FPT will upgrade to the leading position in Southeast Asia.

Thao Nguyen

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