In Vietnam, FPT IS is the pioneer in building the Public Transport Information, Management and Operation System, to urgently solve the current traffic problem. In November 2017, iBus will compete with other international products in the finale of ASEAN ICT Awards (AICTA), the most prestigious IT awards in the ASEAN region as well as in Asia – Pacific.

According to the study results, the total loss caused by traffic jams in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are more than 20 trillion dong, including losses in time, fuel and environment in addition to causing psychological instability in the residents, restraining the socio-economic development.

One of the most urgent and strategic solutions is to develop a bus network for public transport to encourage people to switch from using private vehicles to buses.

Public transport – the solution to traffic jams

In the world, in big cities of developed countries such as Bangkok, Tokyo, Seoul, Berlin, Paris, London, New York … public transport plays an important role, meeting most of travel needs of the people and the economic development of the city.

The rapid urbanization and urban population growth in recent years has increased the pressure on urban infrastructure, especially urban transportation system.

In addition, the neglect of public transport development planning for a long time has given people the habit of using private means of transport. The number of private vehicles including motorcycles and automobiles has increased dramatically over the past few years, while transport infrastructure has not caught up with the urban development yet. This is one of the major causes for the increase in traffic accidents and serious traffic jams, resulting in significant human and economic loss, not to mention environmental pollution.

One of the measures to address this problem is to reduce private transports, encouraging people to use public transport. To do this, it is necessary to improve the quality of public transport services such as buses.

In Korea, after applying IT in public transport management, the number of public transport users increased by nearly 20%, ticket revenue increased 10% and people’s level of satisfaction increased 60%.

iBus enhances the quality of public transport

In Vietnam so far, FPT IS has been the pioneer in researching and applying IT to public transport management with iBus solution.

IBus – the Information, Management and Operation of Public Transport by bus System helps to improve the capacity of management and operation of public transport in general and the operation of bus in particular in big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. This product has been developed by FPT IS FTS team. With this system, position information and status of the vehicle is transmitted immediately to the operating center to help the route’s management and operation be always timely, vehicles always follow the route and timetable; provide accurate and timely information to passengers, thereby improving the quality of public transport services, contributively promoting traffic participation using public transport, reducing personal means of transport, traffic jams and pollution.

In addition to monitoring functions, iBus also offers a number of features for passengers to look up bus information, provide detailed itineraries of each bus route, predict bus times …

The solution includes four software systems:

Information management software for bus stops, waiting houses and yards;

Information management and optimization software for bus operations: ticket management; hourly time-sheet management; scheduling vehicles in accordance with hourly time-sheet, etc.

Software for managing and administrating bus operations online;

Online portals software for passengers including web interfaces for users of both desktops and mobile devices, providing operational information for city bus routes; providing detailed itineraries of each route; providing detailed hourly time-sheet of each route.

The solution has been selected and deployed at the Department of Transport in Ho Chi Minh City, managing the operation with the scale of 3000 buses and nearly 17,000 trips per day.

The product is targeted at cities that need to bring to practice bus operation and management systems, both subsidized bus and non-subsidized public buses, especially in those cities with signs of overloaded transport infrastructure due to the high rate of people using personal vehicles.

It is also suitable for transportation companies, which need solutions to manage and operate their fleet, including enterprises of buses, passenger cars (fixed routes), contract vehicles and cargos (containers).

Hanoi, Dong Nai and Da Nang are evaluating and considering the application of this solution.

IBUS has won the FPT Tech Awards 2016, the category of Government – Business Customers. The 6th ASEAN ICT Awards Ceremony – AICTA will be held in Cambodia this November.

Accordingly, representatives of FPT IS will defend the jury. Based on that, the jury selects gold, silver and bronze products. In addition, the candidates also have the opportunity to exchange information and dialogue with the Ministers of ASEAN countries and countries such as China, USA, Japan, Korea, India, etc.

Deputy Minister of Information and Communications, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hung, expressed his wish that Vietnamese businesses would participate more in competitions to enhance the skills, prestige and position of Vietnam to ASEAN countries. The participation of FPT IS’s product to this award ceremony is a great achievement, demonstrating the competence and effectiveness of the products researched and deployed by FPT IS.

Thanh Trang

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