The complicated and highly infectious Covid-19 has made “online working” a trending topic for domestic and foreign businesses alike. In such a context, Mr. Hoang Nam Tien, Chairman of FPT Telecom, had shared important technology platforms that may support businesses in online working, while maintaining efficiency.

Mr. Tien had appeared as a specialist guest on the March 17 episode of “24h of Technology” on VTV1, with the topic “Technology platforms to support businesses through the pandemic”. There, he had offered a new, more comprehensive, and more accurate perspective regarding “online working”.

Mastering the 5 solutions

Before, whenever “online working” or “remote working” is mentioned, we often think of using Internet-connected devices to share files, report progresses, which, according to Mr. Hoang Nam Tien, is correct, but not adequate. To him, in order for a business to master online working, it will need to understand and deploy 5 solutions in full.

  1. On Cloud Solution

First is to bring business management systems like: ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), HR (Human Resources), SM (Sale Management)… onto Cloud. If such tasks cannot be done, then sitting home and connecting into the system will only be able to account for a miniscule fragment of the work and mutual operation of the business.

  1. Security Solution

After employing Cloud on the above systems, businesses should turn to security. Here, Security includes System Security and Data Security. For this to be effective, the business need to build a strong system with enormous maneuvering and storing capacity, at the same time add features for identification, access delegation, and administration options, in order to ensure safe security for both System and Data.

  1. Build an Online Procedure

After ensuring a stable and secured system, businesses need to build a clear and professional procedure for online operations and review. This is a crucial matter, especially in large businesses with complex organization structures. Procedures regarding operation, reporting, reviewing, online contracts… all need to be standardized and quick for effective online working.

Every individual in the company needs to have full knowledge regarding their own procedures and missions for remote coordination. Every task needs to be performed swiftly on devices like smartphones, laptops…

  1. Build a Tool System

For most businesses, building a tool system for online working is the most familiar solution. This will including building tools for conferences, teamwork, data sharing… These are all available at FTEL – with various online working tools for both business and personal needs like Webex Cisco, TelePresent conference system, online data sharing and storage service FShare, FSend, and so on.

  1. Stable transmission and connection

To work on Cloud, it is crucial for the infrastructure system, transmission, and data storing centers to maintain stability and high speed. This is extremely practical at times of high demand for online services amidst the pandemic. In particular, just in the previous month, this demand had increased 18%-22%, with further rise in the upcoming future.

For effective remote online working, businesses will have to master all of the above 5 solutions, in order to ensure normal operations and maintain business efficiency. Once this is achieved, even in the worse scenario of quarantine, business operations will still be able to continue.

According to FPT Telecom Chairman, Mr. Hoang Nam Tien, currently the governmental Banking and Public Policies Section are in effect deployment of these online systems. As such, it has greatly save human resources, effort, and time necessary for its clients, citizens, and businesses to do administration tasks.

Solution No. 0 – changing the company culture

Remote working can be beneficial for businesses during events like pandemics and natural disasters. Yet, the concern of businesses not only lie in the system and tool, but in controlling work efficiency of their staff.

Having acknowledged such a worry, Mr. Hoang Nam Tien had highlighted that: businesses need to prepare for a “solution no.0” – changing their company culture, before carrying out the aforementioned 5 solutions. Here, it means that each and every employee needs to build their own online working culture, be proactive when working on the system, at the same time always follow procedures, both in and out of the office. Changing the mindset and working habits of employees will help them adapt more quickly, as well as grow more responsible in all circumstances. The result is of course, better work efficiency.

“High risk, high return”

In the show, Mr. Hoang Nam Tien also said that: “we talk of high risk, high return. The pandemic causes mishaps and disadvantages for businesses. However, we should view it as a chance for full transformation. We always talk about digital transformation, about 4.0, about online solutions, and yet most businesses and organizations in Vietnam do not do these in a systematic or standardized manner. This particular time had pushed businesses and organizations to adapt. However, the problem is that, after the pandemic, will businesses maintain their new working culture and benefits of remote working? Or everything will go back to old procedures with complicated policies, basic tools, and lacking in system for remote operations?”

This question may pose to be matter of consideration for business managers, and urge them to get a determination for change.


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