‘Technology must be at the top’


Top of Hanoi – the highest open-air restaurant in the city was chosen as the venue for FPT Tech Experts 2018, meeting the criteria: beautiful, unique and top.

For the first time in six years, the whole generation of FPT Tech Experts will gather at FPT Tech Experts 2018 held at Top of Hanoi, 67th floor of Lotte Hotel, 54 Lieu Giai, Cong Vi, Ba Dinh, Hanoi on Friday, November 23, 2018.

As part of the FPT 30-YEAR TRAIL-BLAZING PIONEER, this year’s event is meticulously prepared and majestic. Top of Hanoi is the restaurant with the best location and the best view of the capital, where guests can enjoy the panoramic view of all the city, watching Hanoi immersing in the sunset, sparkling and fanciful lights at night. From the Top of Hanoi, we can see most of the city: West Lake, the streets with stretching light, the Keangnam building…

Currently in Hanoi, the highest buildings are the 72-story 347m Keangnam and the Lotte Center 67-story 267m. However, Sky Bar expected to be opened at Floor 71 or 72 Keangnam is not open to the public yet, therefore Top of Hanoi Kitchen & Bar of Lotte is the highest bar in the city. Top of Hanoi Bar & Restaurant is located on the 67th floor of the second tallest building in Hanoi – Lotte Center Hanoi. Thanks to this location, as its name, Lotte’s Top of Hanoi has become the highest restaurant in Vietnam. Located at the center of Lotte Center and 267m high, this is probably the best view of Hanoi with 360 degrees view at night.

With European-style luxury, airy and delicate space, located on the top of the second tallest building of the capital, Top of Hanoi has been chosen by the organizers as the place to host the party of FPT Tech Experts. Representatives of Organizers said: “We have surveyed many places such as Daewoo Hotel, Keangnam… but ended up selecting the highest restaurant in Hanoi on Lotte because Technology must be at the top”.

The restaurant is decorated in minimalist details, only retain the main part which is the luxurious interior with pure white and transparent glass. Very unique from all angles, guests always find yourself beautiful wallpaper to get the most unique photo.

As the best rooftop in Hanoi, Top of Hanoi is also the place where many famous artists choose to hold live shows. Live-show “Return Days” by the band Wall (Buc Tuong) was also held here.

Top of Hanoi Kitchen & Bar accommodates about 400 people, the Organizing Committee has covered the whole restaurant to serve 150 guests at the FPT Tech Experts 2018.

A bit of romantic jazz, deep warmth, golden candlelight, cool night weather with scenic views, chatting and enjoying European-style cuisine on the rooftop level is perfect for celebrations of Tech Experts 2018.

Top of Hanoi is considered the best when the sun falls down and the street starts to light up. Therefore, the ceremony honoring FPT Tech Experts will be held from 17:30 to 21:00.

FPT Tech Experts 2018
Time: 17:30-21:00, Friday, November 23, 2018
Venue: Top of Hanoi, 54 Lieu Giai, Ngoc Khanh, Ba Dinh.

Phuong Thao

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