The 10 top tech jobs for 2019


1. Cybersecurity engineer

Emerging tech dictates the industry’s most needed jobs. Here are 10 of the most in-demand jobs for 2019, as reported by TechRepublic.

The rise in internet of things (IoT) technology has placed security in the spotlight for many companies. Connected devices present new mediums of threat vectors for cybercriminals to exploit, so the job opportunities for cybersecurity engineers will only increase in 2019.

2. AI/Machine learning engineer

With the majority (61%) of businesses already adopting artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies, the demand for that specific skill set has naturally increased too. And as AI and machine learning continue proliferating throughout industries, the demand for these engineers will only rise.

3. Full stack developer

A full stack developer is able to work both front-end and back-end areas of an application. These developers are some of the most in-demand in the current market, according to open job posting data from Indeed. Full stack developers are especially useful to companies because they are a jack of all trades when it comes to applications, and are not just limited to one portion.

4. Data scientist

Nhà khoa học dữ liệu là công việc tốt nhất ở Mỹ trong ba năm liên tiếp vừa qua, theo trang web Glassdoor.Data scientists are able to process, analyze, and draw conclusions from an organization’s data. AI and machine learning naturally generate more and more data, so companies will need team members who are able to interpret that.

5. Python developer

Python is the programming language that has grown the fastest in recent years, making Python developers essential to many organizations. This rate of growth has remained strong across all industries, opening up even more job opportunities for those familiar with Python.

6. Java developer

Java remains at the top of popular programming language lists, leaving these developers in high demand in 2019. The growth of the cloud and mobile devices, in particular, has kept Java at the forefront of companies’ operations.

7. JavaScript developer

JavaScript has become especially popular over the past five years, particularly with the evolving use of web applications. JavaScript has made many websites more responsive and user-friendly.

8. Cloud engineer

Cloud engineers are important and much-needed professionals, especially as data centers begin moving to the cloud.

9. Scrum master

Scrum masters help facilitate an agile development team. They are individuals who are able to help teams make quick changes and organize themselves–qualities that will continue to be important in the rapidly evolving tech world.

10. DevOps Engineer

Số lượng tin tuyển dụng cho vị trí DevOps đã tăng từ dưới 1% trong năm 2012 lên hÆ¡n 24% trong năm 2017.DevOps engineers work with software developers and systems operators to write code for automation or oversee the deployment of code. These engineers ranked no. 2 on Glassdoor’s 2018 Best Jobs in America list.

Source: techrepublic

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