IoT Showcase Contest underwent dramatic rounds that have gradually come to an end. Let’s review the “talent” that will be present at the “super classic” final in Can Tho on August 15-16, 2019.

Smart water container – FPT Polytechnic Can Tho

In the face of the fact that every day there is news about drowning children today, IoT group Poly_001 has proposed the idea of ​​creating a warning device and preventing drowning for young children to prevent unfortunate cases from happening. This device is especially useful for a country with many rivers like Vietnam.

Smart Hospital – FPT University Can Tho

“Three idiots” offers a preliminary review of the idea of ​​an automated health care system: patient analysis, warning and monitoring equipment. Through this idea, you can protect everyone’s health as well as improve social life.

Magin Bin – Ho Chi Minh FPT University

What is impressive is that the members of the Magic Bin team only studied in the first year of FPT University. But Tran Le Duy, Nguyen Mau Hieu, Luu Dieu Hoa have all expressed their great bravery through building and developing intelligent ideas and a solid knowledge base.

The topic comes from the current problem: waste to the environment does not go through the classification stages, stagnant, piled up. In particular, recycled materials are not classified as wasteful, and hazardous industrial waste is not collected for proper disposal. Magic Bin can split garbage into two categories: recyclable and non-recyclable to help solve the problem.

Smart trash is grouped with a specific use case at the office and school with the amount of garbage being office garbage (paper, needle, staple …) and household waste (lunch boxes, bottles, water cans … ). The system will be provided with information to understand and distinguish different types of garbage, automatically open the lid when there are people who want to dispose of garbage. Machine Learning technology is applied in this so that the system can detect new types of garbage and self-study through user confirmation and memorization for later times.

Magic Bin application also helps management agencies to record the status of trash cans for timely collection. MSc. Than Van Su highly appreciates the topic and considers that the topic is fully usable in the current waste treatment plants.

Smart School – FPT Polytechnic TP. Ho Chi Minh

Smart School was built by a group of students: Tran Do Minh An, Le Ba Hau, Nguyen Quoc Anh. This application allows management, remote control of fan devices, lights, air conditioning in the classroom via the Internet and can be controlled by voice. Protection or management of the building can completely check the rooms without the use schedule but still use electrical equipment to avoid wasting electricity.

Smart School system also helps Training Department to record attendance information or manage access via QR Code. Accordingly, students will scan the QR Code to get attendance on the class, instructors check and approve the attendance table before sending information to the server. Within the first 15 minutes, the teacher can change the absence / presence status of the student, after this time, the server will not change the information sent.

Smarthome Control Unit Using Vietnamese Speech Command – FPT University Hanoi

Due to the fact that most of the voice control devices on the market now use English, causing difficulties for Vietnamese consumers, the group of 3 students from FPT University in Hanoi has thought of building a smart home control system in Vietnamese. The group collected their own voice data and used Deep learning to create a voice recognition model with 15 standard statements with 98% accuracy.

About the reason for coming to the contest, Truong Minh Giang – the captain said: “I see IoT Showcase Contest is a very interesting competition for students in information technology like us. This is an opportunity for us to test our abilities and add interesting experiences. Being pitted with students in FPT Education and international students will definitely give us valuable experiences. There is another reason, we hear people say that Can Tho is very breath-taking so we want to come there”.

Attendance Taking Support System for CCTV – FPT University Hanoi

Realizing that teachers often spend a lot of time to check attendance at the beginning of the day, not to mention this repetition is quite boring, the group of FPT University students in Hanoi has designed a device called Attendance Taking Support System for CCTV. The device uses face recognition technology, integrated with available CCTV camera system, so it does not cost too much investment costs. At the Preliminary Round, this product is considered to be highly applicable and commercialized.

DustScan – FPT Polytechnic Hanoi

Stemming from the situation of heavy air pollution in the Capital, FPT Polytechnic Hanoi student group proposed the idea of ​​a product that can measure and give warnings about air quality index. Accordingly, this product can list the parameters of total suspended dust (TSP), PM10 dust, PM2,5 dust, PM 1, … and send data to users. Since then, people will know which areas are polluted, which areas have cleaner air, … to plan travel reasonably.

Home Assistant – FPT School Da Nang

As the youngest team to attend the IoT Showcase Contest finals, Le Thanh Tung and Nguyen Viet Hoang – students of FPT School Da Nang will bring to the smart home model contest that can help control the Electronic devices in the house in Vietnamese.

The product is friendly, highly automated, optimizes the features of anti-theft, power saving and is programmed to suit the daily behavior and status of people to better support. Examples include temperature changing features, playing favorite songs, or preparing warm water when the owner on the way home …

Home Automation – FPT Polytechnic Da Nang

Also an IoT product of smart home, Home Automation of students of FPT Polytechnic Da Nang has the ability to automatically turn on – turn off lights according to outdoor lighting, monitor indoor temperature, fire warning, auto turn on – turn off the toilet lights or stairs, hallways, water the plants when the owner is away from home for a long time, … Thanks to the variety of functions, the product has been highly appreciated in the preliminary round and received the tickets to the finale.

9 products of students of FPT Education showed their great creativity in the field of IoT. All of them is only one step away to the final victory. Hopefully the contestants will remain calm, confident to devote to the judges and the audience who loves this playground a truly dramatic and exciting round. The final round of International IoT Contest Showcase 2019 will officially take place at FPT Can Tho University on August 15 and 16.

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